“Selfie lele re” At Times Square


From Rikshaw walas to NRIs,Salman khan has never failed to spread the madness through his hit songs.. Salman songs are renowned for funny lyrics and crazy dance moves, which BTW everyone and anyone can copy! Be it a child, or a teen or an octogenarian, every one grooves on Salman’s hit songs.

So this time the madness was to another level and reached internationally. We all know that Bollywood has tentacles all over the world. Well Indians dont think any less of Bollywood, do we? It’s the only film industry which blends all the entertainment  factor in one movie. Ain’t nobody gotta challenge that! Indians always take pride in representing Bollywood , no matter which part of the word they live in! 😎

“Selfie lele re” At Times Square

 One such Bollywood troupe from New York, Bollywood Funk NYC, just paid a tribute to Salman Khan by performing on his famous dance number, Selfie lele re from Bajrangi Bhaijaan, at Times Square, New York.They blended the best of what Bollywood has to offer; high energy entertainment, drama and expressions with intricacy and technique of Jazz and hip hop and more.

Check out the cool performance that’ll make you want to get up and dance.



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