Why should we really ban the word ‘Parenting’

Why should we really ban the word ‘Parenting’


Parents raising their children is a trend which is known ever since the beginning of the human era. But, parenting is all together a different concept compared to raising of children. The word came existence into the industry only in 1950s and it became popular as a part of vocabulary during 1970s.

Initially, the word described the actions of parents, over the course of years, especially at this point of time, the word and its meaning evolved and became normative. “Parenting is taken as a goal-directed verb and it is treated like a job or a work kind. The goal of the word is to turn your children into a merrier adult,” Alison Gopnik, doctor wrote in the wall street journal.

 The idea of ‘parenting’ includes tricks, tips, and techniques which helps people in becoming a better mother and father, it has spread widely, not only in US but across the globe. The idea is heretical and the questioning of idea is ubiquitous. The whole theory of ‘parenting’ has become fundamental misguide for parents.

For millennium, raising of children doesn’t involve parents alone. It also involves grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, neighbours, and friends. “Most of the middle-class parents take classes and pursue careers before having children, today. It’s not astonishing. Modern parents are models for children caring. You work with goals fixed and you are taught how to be better at work and school.”, she states.

There are no evidences which show that the minute differences in the techniques of parenting which parents gets obsessed over makes difference in the adulthood of child.


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