The Death of Anton Yelchin is devastating loss, says Zachary Quinto

The Death of Anton Yelchin is devastating loss, says Zachary Quinto

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Zachary Quinto, the Star Trek actor is devastated with the loss of his co-star’s death, Anton Yelchin and says that the cast is still coping up with the news and trying to sink it.

The actor, 27-year-old died after a freak accident from ‘blunt traumatic asphyxia’ at his home in Los Angeles last month when his car jerked backward, thus trapping him against the gate.

Quinto who made an appearance to ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ shared his views, “He is a beautiful, beautiful person. I can’t even say how I feel about it. We knew it would be a devastating experience because of Leonard loss(Nimoy who expired in February of 2015).

But it has startled us so much. It is our goal to celebrate the incredible life of Anton and honour him in all the possible ways. It is a devastating loss, to all of us, the audiences, the industry too.”
The body of the actor was buried at an undisclosed location five days prior to his death at the Studio City in California. It was attended by his family and close friends.
The night he failed to come to rehearsals, his friends got worried and checked on him to find his lifeless body. The accident occurred tragically when the vehicle came back. An investigation is going on to know if it is a mechanical error or the gear problem.

Quinto earlier wrote a touching post on his social account, Instagram confessing his thoughts describing Anton Yelchin as an extremely talented and a person with generous heart.


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