FAN movie Review: KRK gives a 4-Star Rating to the movie!

Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN is already released in Gulf and the premiers are also out in India for selected people. Therefore, the reviews. There were few film critics who has talked about the film. After Ra One, this movie is quite an experimentation as we can’t really tell if a Superstar playing a dope superstar will work very well. On the other hand, SRK really pulled it well, some says. But, the stalker part is not as great as we expected, says some.

KRK has given a liberal 4-Star Rating to Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN! In any case, with his commendation for Shah Rukh Khan, came his good for nothing for the director Maneesh Sharma, whom he blamed for copying  and  pulverizing the film in the second half. Looks like Gaurav part didn’t actually work well. However, this attempt is not ordinary like every other movie and it takes a real good courage to play this. Shah Rukh Khan who’s seen as a Superstar and also the FAN will be romancing Ileana D’Cruz and few others in the movie. He’ll be seen with four different female characters.


The chase in abroad that has been highlighted in the trailer by the phrase, “Ab Star Fan ke peeche bhaagega” is the only action element in the movie. Sources said that SRK incidentally got hurt during the chase, while giving his full. On the other hand, the music of the movie is overwhelming and regal. Watch the movie and share your views here. I would definitely give a 4-star for this movie! At least for the effort.


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