Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Kamal Haasan’s Papanasam has been generating the right kind of buzz for a very long time and one of the fascinating facts about the film is the entire project shot and completed in just 38 days. As the film hits screens tomorrow, we bring you five good reasons that make it more special to watch.
1. An unpredictable thriller – The makers of original version ‘Drishyam’ had promoted the film as a family entertainer and no one knew that it would be an edge-seated thriller. Well, by now everyone should be aware about the plot and even the climax, but the strength of this film is a screenplay laced with surprises and twists.

2. Kamal Haasan’s creative change – Kamal Haasan hasn’t just blindly remade the film with Jeethu Joseph, but has made some affordable changes suiting the regional aspects. His Tirunelveli slang. Also the locations of this film will be yet another highlighting trait.

3. Perfect casting of actors – Kamal Haasan has opted to choose some unique actors to this film except few actors from the original version. One of them is the girl Esther playing the youngest daughter of Kamal Haasan and Asha Sharath, who plays a deplored mother and villainous police officer in search of her lost son. Gowthami plays the wife of Kamal Haasan and Jilla fame Niveda Thomas as their eldest daughter.

4. Musical impression of Ghibran – He has become the Imperial musician of Kamal Haasan’s empire and has already worked with him three projects. The songs by Ghibran are getting good reviews and the background score is expected to be a major element in enhancing the feel.

5. Emotionally bond between father and daughter – When it comes to playing a father, Kamal Haasan would exert the natural show that would turn your eyes moistened. It has been evident in the films like Mahanadhi, Indian and recent release ‘Uttama Villain’. Obviously, this film would surely offer an emotional experience to every audiences unconditionally.