Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Men or women, anybody’s pleasure would probably be on the cover of ‘GQ’, if they are once experienced to know about it.

This time, the luck favors a lady who is first of all hot and now turned to be hottest after participating in a photo shoot with GQ.

Coming to the talk of the photo, there is nothing to talk much as there as there is nothing on Aditi’s body. If specifically observed, you can find one or two hankies here and there. Lets hold on the talks about her bottom for some more time and speak about her upper part. There is a lingerie and she hid it with her hand. Well that is bit disappointing to naughty guys.

She even wore a long top which is nowhere hiding her assets. Is it really required in this hot Summer, I doubt.

Well coming to the actual area, yes, speaking about the lower part lingerie, it seems to be like transparent, but not actually. More than her exposing, it is her pose that is making the guys to feel the heat even though they sit under AC. Well needless to say, guys will be seen at every retail outlet which sells this magazine, isn’t it..?, all the best.