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Mammootty, the mega star of Mollywood had a beneficial 2015, as movies like Pathemari, Fireman and Bhaskar The Rascal fared well in the Box Office. The actor is now awaiting the release of his new movie ‘Puthiya Niyamam‘ which is directed by A K Sajan.

The film is expected to be a thriller, and Mammootty will be seen in the role of a criminal lawyer named Louis Pothan. Nayanthara has done the role of heroine in this movie. Aju Varghese, Rachana Narayanankutty, Baby Ananya and Sheelu are doing other prominent roles in the movie.

The recent news about the movie is regarding the inclusion of a special person in the star cast of the movie. According to credible reports, it has been confirmed that script writer S N Swami has done a crucial role in this movie.

It should be noted that S N Swami shares good rapport with Mammootty in real life, and he is the script writer of the reputed CBI series.

Adi Kapyare Kootamani, the movie directed by John Varghese is now enjoying a decent run in the Box Office. Many audiences after watching the movie made a remark that there are some missing links in the movie which remain unanswered. According to latest reports, makers of the film are making a sequel for the movie to add more fun and thrill to the proceedings.

Close sources to director John Varghese have confirmed this news, and this has created a huge wave of happiness among youth audiences in the state.

Dhyan Sreenivasan, Aju Varghese and Neeraj Madhav will reprise the same roles in the second part as well.

More details on this regard is expected to be out in the coming days.

Adi Kapyare Kootamani, the movie directed by John Varghese hit the screens today. The film features an ensemble star cast which includes Dhyan Sreenivasan, Aju Varghese, Mukesh, Namitha Pramod and Neeraj Madhav. The movie which showcases a comic story in the backdrop of a men’s hostel has impressed the audiences to the core, and it is receiving positive reviews from all corners.

As the trailer indicates, this movie showcases the story of a young guy and his friends who tries to hide a young girl who gets trapped in a hostel.

Director John Varghese has narrated the story in the most impeccable manner. Both the halves have been paced well, and it will not make the audiences bored even for a second. At the end of the movie, director has succeeded in adding a strong twist which will impress all kinds of audiences.

The film is completely filled with one liners which will make the audiences laugh from the inner core. Comic sequences in college is simply realistic, and it will surely take you to a nostalgic ride.

The cinematography of this movie is elegant. Editing is crisp while the songs are ordinary.

All the actors have done their roles impeccably well in this movie. Dhyan Sreenivasan as an innocent guy has showcased his role with finesse. Most of his reactions and counters with his co actors were received with applause by the audiences.

Aju Varghese, Neeraj Madhav and Mukesh have all done their roles in a good manner. Namitha Pramod as the lead heroine looked cute, and it was a sheer treat to watch her on screen.

Altogether, ‘Adi Kapyare Kootamani’ is a fun ride which is one of the best medicines to combat your stress. You can book the tickets without any hesitation, and you will not get disappointed in any manner.

Dhyan Sreenivasan who made a memorable debut through ‘Thira’ recently delivered another blockbuster through ‘Kunjiramayanam’. Dhyan’s recent release ‘Adi Kapyare Kootamani’ has hit the theaters today, and audiences are warmly welcoming this aspiring actor.

The movie is directed by John Varghese, and it is loaded with huge star cast which include Mukesh, Aju Varghese, Namitha Pramod and Neeraj Madhav.

Most the reviews which are coming out about this movie are generally positive in nature, and makers have reportedly impressed the audiences with genuine comic sequences. The film narrates a beautiful story in the backdrop of a men’s college hostel.

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Scroll down to read live audience responses about this movie.

  • fantastic theme and the way of presentation by Director John Varghese. It’s like a spontaneous overflow of crackling ,comedy show for this Christmas. Powlichu
  • Adi Kapyare Kootamani is laugh riot…enjoyed it to the best
  • Dhyan Sreenivasan, you are an asset to Malayalam cinema…follow the paths for your brother, Adi Kapyaare kootamani is a must watch
  • Enjoyed to the fullest, hats off Dhyan and crew
  • Dhyan shows his legacy once again, loved it

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Adi Kapyare Kootamani  trailer released. Adi Kapyare Kootamani is written and directed by John Varghese, which is jointly produced by Sandra Thomas and Vijay Babu under the banner of Friday Film House and Carnival Motion Pictures.. the film features Dhyan Sreenivasan and Namitha Pramod in the lead roles.

The cinematography is handled by Ajay David Kachappilly. The film will have the most favourite music director of the Malayalam film industry Shaan Rahman churning out the tunes, which is going to stay on your personal players for long.

The film also features Mukesh, Aju Varghese, Vineeth Mohan, Neeraj Madhav and Bijukuttan in the supporting roles. The story revolves around a bunch of college students living in a boy’s hostel. The story unfolds over a period of four days in the hostel. Problems begin when a young woman enters the life of those students. The film is scheduled to be released on the Christmas 2015.

Jayasurya’s much awaited film Su.. Su… Sudhi Vathmeekam is released on 20th November. the malayalam comedy-drama film is written and directed, co-written and co-produced by Ranjith Sankar. The film stars Jayasurya in a lead role, who also co-produced the film under Dreams N Beyond. Vinod Illampally does the cinematography and Bijibal scores the music. The central character is inspired from a real-life person named Sudheendran.

Here is the live update of ‘Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam’ movie review by audience:

  • Nice one from jayasurya and ranjith sankar team after punyalan agarbathies. A clean and pure entertainer movie. no suspence no twist still engaging audience with the inspiring story to win in life.
  • One of the memorable character in Jayasurya’s career. We can see his hard work in screen. As usual Aju performs well. SSivada done decent job. Another goodwork from Ranjith Sankar.
  • Another superb film from Punyalan Agarbathis team. It’s also a life motivational film that we rarely git in Malayalam. Jayasuriya proved his talent again. A family entertainer.
  • Jayasurya, proved his extra ordinary talents, an amazing actor… Worth watching… A family entertainment movie… Highly appreciated his efforts…
  • Yet Another thoughtful movie from Ranjith Shankar and team.. Inspires, creates positive energy througout the movie.. Jayasurya delivers one of his best performance .. All actors have done justice to their roles.. To be mentioned specially is TG Ravi who excels in the scenes with Jayasurya… A must watch for all .. Thanks Jayasurya, ranjith shankar and crew for a heart touching and beautifu movie which will stay in our heart for long.
  • Awesome movie I have watched in recent times, great script and casting..jayasurya needs to be appreciated and recognised, it’s high time..He deserves it!
  • super movie…jayasurya made a good come back…direction super..casting was also good.we will get a positive energy when we watch this movie.
  • As a part of our school trip, I saw this film. It is not that kind of film to watch and enjoy with friends. Moreover it is a film with a good moral. New theme and nice acting makes it a valuable piece of art.
  • Gud story with a gud screenplay…ranjith has succeeded to keep the viewers interesting through out…and ofcourse an excellent performance from jayasurya… movie worth watching…!!!
  • Another feel good movie frm jayasurya…once again he proved that he is the most versatile actor in the malayalam film industry..gud wrk ranjith sankar.. worth watching.
  • First motivational movie in malayalam…Great movie , nic message …Jayasuriya superb acting…A must watch…Another hit from Ranjith Sankar.
  • Nice movie.. nice casting.. jayasoorya rocked throughout the movie.. Excellent performance by him.. recommended one. Both actress did their job well…
  • True story which touches you from the outset. Great script coupled with brilliant performances from the actors. Jayasurya has taken a lot of effort in portraying the protagonist. You cannot miss this movie because the feel good factor is too high.
  • Jayasurya, All your hardwork/struggle/sacrifice you have put in has be seen and appreciated and accepted. You are a True inspiration to all the newbie actors.
  • i just watched su su sudhi vatmeekam… its a nice movie… After punyalan agarbatis jayasurya comes with another super hit movie.. so don’t miss this film.. enjoy with your family…
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Movie Review: A movie that more than justify its tagline, thats Renjith Shankar’s Su.. Su.. Sudhi Valmeekam. The tagline says “Su+Su+Sudhi=Two Hours and Eleven Minutes of Happiness” and the film provide happiness and good positive energy. Its all the more heartwarming to note that the story is based on a true character who is close to the director himself. Read More.….

A movie that more than justify its tagline, thats Renjith Shankar’s Su.. Su.. Sudhi Valmeekam. The tagline says “Su+Su+Sudhi=Two Hours and Eleven Minutes of Happiness” and the film provide happiness and good positive energy. Its all the more heartwarming to note that the story is based on a true character who is close to the director himself.

Very few films these days can provide motivation and inspiration to the people watching it and Renjith Shankar’s latest flick belong to that genre of a film that oozes out these two factors for the entire running time without any drama or unwanted tensions.

Narrated in a very simple manner, the story is based on a real life character who has stammering disorder. Sudhi, the protagonist always find this a problem wherever he goes. Majority of this problem is created by the society by poking fun and also taking the stammering disorder as something big.
The film portray how he overcome the hurdles and transfer into a successful human being. In the process, certain people comes into picture playing a part in this transformation which is narrated beautifully through a well written screenplay.

Renjith Shankar and Jayasurya join together after the success of Punyalan Agarbatis which had humour in the backdrop. So there are chances the viewers go with an expectation of such a film with fun element. But humour has very little or no presence here as the story doesn’t demand such things though little dose of light hearted moments from Sunil Sugadha is there for some laughs.

The story is told by Sudhi himself to actor Mukesh who play himself and through a journey the plot takes its shape which doesn’t lag or make one uncomfortable with a dull feel though the pace at which the events unfold is quite slow.

Jayasurya is in fine form as Sudhi and it was a perfect casting as the actor has brilliantly portrayed the character justifying the faith of the director in casting him. When portraying characters with physical disabilities and disorders, there are chances the acting not synching well with the character. But such a case here is out of question as we have a talented actor portraying that role.

Shivatha Nair made a convincing act as Kalyani. There is another girl also that has a small part to play and she was also a good choice. KPAC Lalitha, TG Ravi, Sunil Sugatha, Muthumani and Irshad are also there to support. Mukesh as himself impressed in an extended cameo. Aju Varghese this time was not in a comic role and his serious act was okay.

Vinod Illampally who earlier impressed me in Padmakumar’s Jalam put in another notable work on the cinematography side. Edits were okay. Bijipal was able to come up with couple of good songs to his credit with matching background score.

Overall, Su..Su..Sudhi Valmeekam is a feel good family film that we can watch in a relaxed state of mind and offer lot of good things. It makes us change our attitude in a positive way without the tone of any preachings. I was impressed with the story, direction, treatment and good performance from Jayasurya. The message conveyed through a true story is something which we all can take back home.

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Review by Chandra Mohan

In a heist movie, we see lot of planning before the execution of the robbery. Kohinoor directed by “Kili Poyi” fame director Vinay Govind show all the planning side of a robbery in a detailed manner but when it came to the execution of the plan, the robbery team messes up things on many occasions leaving the movie on a sticky terrain. Still there is no amount of boredom in the movie and as a fun filled entertainer, Kohinoor can stake its claim to be a proud member of that genre.

The story revolves around Louis and Aandy Kunju who are childhood friends who wants to make quick bucks at any cost. That means they are ready to be part of a robbery or a smuggling deal which lands the duo in a heist operation for diamonds in the backdrop of a textile shop.

By halfway stage, I was quite sceptical about the outcome of the film. I thought with the way it is heading towards,there was every chance the film could end up on a sore note. It is not that the first half had nothing entertaining. It had humour and fun backed by cool performances to its credit but the robbery was being reduced to the sidelines and we are shown in detail about the planning of the heist and also an out of place romance that didn’t sync up nicely with the plot.

There are unexpected twists and turns towards the end which were lively enough but you cannot say those were highly unpredictable. Some more element of suspense and thrills in the screenplay was badly required to spice up and compliment things. Romantic angle in the movie, well there is one between Louis and Daisy which did not work out well and it only made things look weak.

Set in the eighties, the film has a retro feel which in way was a safe ploy and helped the writers to ensure that we cannot find any inadequacies in the script especially the operation part of the robbery. We could hear all those golden songs of the eighties at many points and also there are references to movies like CBI and Irupathaam Noottaandu getting a mention on many occasions. This created an overall positive mood and feel for the film.

Asif Ali and Aju Varghese as Louis and Aandy Kunju played a perfect foil to each other mainly adding the fun element. Asif had the additional responsibility of playing the romantic side as a lover too. Similar to Asif and Aju, Chemban Vinod and Vinay Fort also excelled as a pair with their comic timing.

Indrajith as Haider had a style element and he enacted the role quite well eventhough on many occasions we can see him on the loosing side. Sudheer Karamana as Maaman and Rizabhaava as his business partner did a neat act. Aparna Vinod as Daisy, the female lead didn’t had to do much as her share in the overall screen presence is very limited.

Rahul Raj deserves a mention for his retro style background score as well tuning the “Hemantham” song sung by Vijay Yesudas which had real soul in it. The other song Dum Dum is a just a passable party song where actress Bhavana make an appearance in a cameo.

Overall, Kohinoor is a one time watchable average film. As an entertainer with humour and fun in the backdrop and some twists in the latter stages, this Vinay Govind directed flick cannot be discarded as a bad film but there is nothing exciting also other than providing some fun and thrills in parts. My personal rating is two and a half out of five.