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Akshay Kumar proves his humanitarian mindset. Celebrities all around the nation have united for helping the victims of Chennai floods, and the latest addition to this long list is Akshay Kumar. The Khilladi of Bollywood has donated a whooping 1 Crore INR to the flood affected people.

After watching the visuals of the flood affected Chennai, Akki felt very disturbed, and he called up Priyadrshan to enquire about the ways by which he can donate money.

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Priyadarshan, within no time connected the action hero to Suhasini Mani Ratnam. As per Suhasini’s instructions, Akshay Kumar donated the money through Bhumika Trust.

This act from Akshay Kumar has fetched positive responses from all corners, as he has done this without any kind of publicity.

Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan had donated 1 Crore INR to Chief Minister’s public relief fund.

Akshay Kumar is now awaiting the release of his much anticipated movie ‘Airlift‘. The film is directed by Raja Menon, and it will grace the big screens on January 22, 2016.

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