Alia Bhatt Talks About Her Bikini Body

Alia Bhatt looks sexier than ever in the bikini shot in Shaandaar! The young bollywood queen is rocking that pink bikini and it’s evident that she had to workout quite a lot to achieve that sizzling body. When asked about her super hot avatar, Alia said

I worked very hard to get that body. Shahid and I were training hard. We would go to gym everyday and eat a particular diet. In fact, the scene wasn’t supposed to be so elaborate. It was just supposed to be me in a bikini. But because I worked so hard, Vikas thought of taking it. I am glad people liked me in a bikini.

Alia Bhatt had been working out quite a lot lately and recently, she was also on a detox vacation in Austria with her sister, Shaheen. And clearly, the results are showing as she’s only getting hotter with each passing day.

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