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All the best Netflix movies to watch in September – Film Dhamaka

As Fall creeps around the corner and the weather gets cold, people are looking for movies to watch. If that’s you, look no further than Netflix! It offers so many movies that there’s almost no time to watch them all.

Netflix is no stranger to delivering quality entertainment and these movies are no exception. Grab your comfy socks, snuggle up in a blanket, and check out these highly-recommended Netflix movies to watch:

The Dig

Director Simon Stone (The Daughter) adapts John Preston’s novel The Dig into a visually stirring masterpiece. Based on a true story, this British drama follows the discovery of an old ship in an unexpected burial ground.

Amateur archaeologist Basil Brown (Ralph Fiennes) goes to investigate the property of Edith Pretty (Carey Mulligan) in 1938. His team soon discovers that medieval cemetery and begin a history-making excavation.

Unlike many modern archaeology films, no one wakes up a mummy or accidentally causes a world-ending catastrophe. But what it lacks in action, it makes up for with powerful performances and a story that makes one ponder the importance of the past.

The Woman in the Window

Director Joe Wright (Atonement) delivers a high-stakes thriller with a star-studded cast. Adapted from A.J. Finn’s novel The Woman in the Window, the film follows the Dr. Anna Fox as she spirals into a paranoid breakdown . . . or does she?

Fox calls Detective Little (Brian Tyree Henry) after witnessing what she believes is the murder of her friend and neighbor Jane (Julianne Moore). But ableism works against her credibility as a reliable witness due to her agoraphobia diagnosis.

As the characters call Fox’s sanity into question, so does the film. Did she really witness a murder? Or is she suffering from paranoid delusions? Fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window will appreciate the narrative ride of unraveling this murder mystery.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

Sony Pictures Animation (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) partners with director Michael Rianda on this family adventure. Katie Mitchell (Abbi Jacobson) is headed to film school and excited to get away from her tech-hating father (Danny McBride).

But things take a wild turn after he replaces her comfy plane ride with an increasingly chaotic family road trip. What starts as an attempt at father-daughter bonding turns into the Mitchell family trying to save the world from a robot uprising.

Kids will enjoy the bright colors and even brighter personalities. Parents will enjoy the adult jokes too that go over their heads. It’s a feel-good movie that will keep the whole family entertained as one of the best Netflix movies to watch.


For all of humanity’s technological advances, there’s still much we don’t know about the galaxy around us. YouTuber-turned-Director Joe Penna explores the mysteries of Mars in this science-fiction thriller.

A ship launches Marina Barnett (Toni Collete), Zoe Levenson (Anna Kendrick), and David Kim (Daniel Dae Kim) into space. They’re embarking on a 2-year mission to Mars. Then they discover Michael Adams (Shamier Anderson) accidentally stowed away in a vent and their journey takes an unexpected turn.

The crew fights for their lives as the unexpected turn brings even more unexpected consequences. The drama builds slowly as the actors deliver intense performances against the vast backdrop of space.

The White Tiger

Director Ramin Bahrani (Chop Shop) uses eclectic camera movement to visually capture Aravin Adiga’s novel The White Tiger. The film follows one man’s chaotic journey from impoverished chauffeur for the rich to self-made entrepreneur.

Balran Halwai (Adarsh Gourav) is excited to start a new driving job for a wealthy Indian family in New Delhi. Then one night Pinky (Priyanka Chopra) and Ashok Shah (Rajkummar Rao) drunkenly take the wheel and get into an accident.

Halwai’s transformation into a businessman starts when the Shah family forces him to take the blame. His road to success is filled with many obstacles that he navigates with precision and daring in one of the best Netflix movies to watch.

Space Sweepers

Space is the backdrop of this epic space Western directed by Jo Sung-hee (A Werewolf Boy). What starts as a debris chase turns into a space adventure with a child robot at its heart.

Kim Tae-ho (Song Joong-ki), Tiger Park (Jin Seon-kyu), Bubs (Kim Hyang Gi), and Captain Jang (Kim Tae-ri) make up the ragtag crew of Spaceship Victory. They discover a seven-year-old stowaway during a mission. 

When she turns out to be a highly sought after humanoid robot, they must decide what’s more important to them: money or morals. This futuristic western delivers big stakes and even bigger explosions.

Thunder Force

Plus-sized superheroes cause plus-sized trouble in this Ben Falcone-directed superhero movie. Lydia Berman (Melissa McCarthy) pops back into her childhood best friend Emily Stanton’s (Octavia Spencer) life for their high school reunion.

Berman accidentally injects herself with Stanton’s formula for giving superpowers to regular people. Their superhero antics start when they decide to act as a duo and fight crime in Chicago.

Stanton & Berman have hilarious encounters while they navigate the unknown territory of fighting supervillains and squeezing into tight places. The film released to significantly negative reviews, but it’s still one of the best Netflix movies to watch.

Malcolm & Marie

Director Sam Levinson uses the intensity of his hit HBO series Euphoria to create an authentic view of a relationship on the brink of falling apart. Physically, the film stays in one location. Emotionally, it pushes the characters to their limit and then goes even further.

Marie Jones (Zendaya) and Malcolm Elliott (John David Washington) return to their apartment after his film premiere. What starts as a celebratory evening turns into a night of arguing. They challenge each other as they confront the harsh realities of their relationship and what it means to them.

Zendaya and Washington are a force to be reckoned with in this black and white story about love. Levinson captures their love and heartache with both reverence and oftentimes painful honesty. The camera is a voyeur into the most vulnerable parts of their relationship. It’s one of the best Netflix movies to watch.

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