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What is the Net Worth of Anthony Jeselnik?

Anthony Jeselnik is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and producer who has a net worth of $3 million. Known as “The Dark Prince of Comedy”, Jeselnik produced the comedy albums “Shakespeare” (2010) and “Caligula” (2013) and the Netflix specials “Thoughts and Prayers” (2015) and “Fire in the Maternity Ward”. has been issued. 2019).

He hosted the Comedy Central series “The Jeselnik Offensive” in 2013, and he also produced, wrote, and executive produced the show. Anthony hosted the NBC competition series “Last Comic Standing” in 2015, and as an actor, he appeared in the films “Miss March” (2009) and “Newly Single” (2017) and the TV series “Maron” (2013). appeared. and “Garfunkel and Oates” (2014).

Anthony produced his own stand-up comedy specials and the 2019 series “Good Talk with Anthony Jeselnik”, and he has performed for “Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education” (2008 and 2010), “Late Night with Jimmy”. written for. Fallen” (2009–2010), “Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff” (2010), and “Comedy Central Roast of James Franco” (2013). She accompanied her friend Greg Rosenthal on the podcast “The Jeselnick & Rosenthal Vanity Project” In 2011, Anthony earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Musical or Comedy Special for “Night of Two Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education.”

early life

Anthony Jeselnik was born on 22 December 1978 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He grew up in Upper St. Clair with mother Stephanie, father Anthony (a lawyer), three sisters and a brother. Anthony became interested in making people laugh at an early age and often cracked jokes in class. After a teacher laughed at one of his jokes, Jeselnik realized, “If you’re smart enough to get the adults, you can get away with anything.” Anthony attended Upper St. Clair High School, and after graduating in 1997, he enrolled at Tulane University. While attending Tulane, he joined the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, and in 2001, he earned a degree in English literature with a minor in business. Jeselnik moved to Los Angeles in his early twenties, and while working on Borders, he found a book by comedian Greg Dean and learned about Dean’s comedy workshops in Santa Monica. Anthony’s first joke involved the impression of his father being stung by a wasp, and when no one laughed, he decided that physical comedy was not for him. After losing his job at Borders, Jeselnik found work as an accounting clerk at Deadwood and performed at open mic nights. Two years after he began doing stand-up comedy, he had a “lightbulb moment” when audiences responded positively to a dark joke. He later included the joke “My girlfriend likes to eat chocolate” on his debut album, “Shakespeare”.

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Jeselnik made his television debut on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” in 2006, and he appeared in “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “Down and Dirty with Jim Norton” in 2008. In 2009, he got his “Comedy Central”. Presents” special and was featured on “Comedy Central’s Hot List.” From 2009 to 2010, Anthony wrote for the first season of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and appeared on the show occasionally. Around 2011, he also performed regularly at the Comedy Cellar in New York City. In 2010, he released his first comedy album, “Shakespeare” and began writing for Comedy Central’s Roast, beginning with “David Hasselhoff’s Comedy Central”. Roast”. She later performed in “Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump” (2011), “Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen” (2011), and “Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne Bar” (2012). Jeselnik Said of his first roast performance, “One of my favorite moments of my life was doing a Trump roast, because no one knew who I was and it really took everyone by surprise. And the next day, my life was completely different. After the Trump roast, Comedy Central offered Anthony a deal that included a one-hour special, three roasts, and a development deal.

In 2013, Jeselnik released the comedy album “Caligula”, which reached #1 on the “Billboard” Top Comedy Albums chart and also aired as a Comedy Central special. That year he began hosting “The Jeselnik Offensive” on Comedy Central, and it aired 18 episodes over two seasons. In one episode, after a New Zealand resident was killed in a shark attack, Anthony was having a “shark party”, and received death threats online from people in New Zealand. Someone even posted the address and phone numbers of his parents online and they started receiving death threats. In 2015, Netflix released the comedy special “Thoughts and Prayers” and Jeselnik hosted season nine of “Last Comic Standing” with judges Norm Macdonald, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Roseanne Barr. Anthony appeared in the 2017 documentaries “The History of Comedy” and “Gilbert” and served as a judge on several episodes of “Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle” from 2016 to 2018. In 2019, her second Netflix special, “Fire in the Maternity Ward,” was released, and she hosted “Good Talk with Anthony Jeselnik” on Comedy Central.

personal life

Anthony dated fellow comedian Amy Schumer from 2009 to 2011.

On the topic of religion, Jeselnik told “Parade” magazine, “I was born Catholic. I later rejected it. I’m an outspoken atheist now. People say, ‘Oh, being an atheist is a negative thing.’ ” I don’t agree. I think it is more optimistic to think that there is no God, no death. I’m the only one in my family who feels this way.” Anthony has been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan since his youth, and in 2016, he told “Steeler Nation” that his favorite players, past and present, Jerome Betis, Hines Ward and Antonio Brown.

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