Anupamaa Major Twist Anupama Strikes Deal With Rakhi Dave For Rs 40 Lakh, New Evil Plan In Store

Anupamaa Major Twist Anupama Strikes Deal With Rakhi Dave For Rs 40 Lakh, New Evil Plan In Store

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, the Shah family is seen distressed after the family suffers from a fraud of Rs 20 lakh, as a result, now they are in Rs 40 lakh debt. However, Anupama strikes an idea to repay the loan amount and rushes to Rakhi Dave’s home to seek help. Rakhi instantly decided to give away the money to Anupama but at a cost. Rakhi strikes a deal with Anupama, which leaves the latter in shock and dilemma. Will Rakhi ask Anupama to get separated from Paritosh and Kinjal? Or will she ask her to throw Pariotosh and Kinjal out of the home so that they can stay together in her penthouse?Also Read – Anupamaa Fame Rupali Ganguly-Alpana Buch Aka Baa Perform Hook Steps Of ‘Param Sundari’ As She Talks About Body Positivity

In tonight’s episode, Leela aka Baa undergoes a panic attack while Vanraj is worried about the fate of the Shahs. After Anupama breaks down, Samar, Nandini, Kinjal, and Paritosh try to calm her down. Later, Paritosh blamed Anupama for committing a mistake and believes that she needs to correct it alone. Also Read – Anupamaa Massive Twist: Kavya Calls Anupama ‘Jahil, Gawar’, Vanraj Lashes Out, Baa Falls Unconscious Over Rs 20 Lakh Fraud

On the other hand, Kavya tried to manipulate Kinjal, Baa, and Vanraj over Anupama being a victim of fraud saying that she is illiterate and dumb. She further called Anupama ‘Jahil, Gawar’. However, Vanraj admitted that whatever he told Anupama earlier was in anger and he should not leave her alone during the dark phase. He decided to stand with Anupama and support and help her in getting out of the crisis. But, Kavya told him that she is nothing to him. Vanraj defends by saying that she is still a friend and he will not leave her alone, especially after whatever she has done for him in the last five months. Also Read – TRP Top 5 List: Anupamaa Maintains Top Spot With 4M Views, Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Makes Its Entry | Full List

Later, Kavya tried to manipulate Kinjal against Anupama but she just brushed her off. Later, Anupama leaves home and gets an idea of seeking help from Rakhi Dave.

The show features Sudhanshu Pandey as Vanraj, Rupali as Anupama, Madalsa Sharma as Kavya, Muskaan Bamne as Pakhi, Alpana Buch as Baa, Nidhi Shah as Kinjal, Arvind Vaidya as Bapuji, Paras Kalnawat as Samar, Aashish Mehrotra as Paritosh, Anagha Bhosle as Nandini, and Tassnim Sheikh as Rakhi Dave.

Will Vanraj accept Rakhi Dave’s help?

Rakhi Dave comes out with another evil plan?

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