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Are You Fond of Time Loop Movies? – Film Dhamaka

If you are fond of time loop movies, then you have come to the right place. Time loop movies are some of the best types of movies. Let me change your mind if you think otherwise.

If you are not already familiar with the concept of what time loop movies really are, allow me to elaborate. You may have watched the type of movies where the main character is stuck in a situation, and he or she has to relive the same day over and over again.

The best time loop movies have the same basic concept of the storyline. Sometimes, it is the situation where the protagonist has to relive the same day in which only he is aware of the scenario. The rest of the members are unaware of the time loop. The main characters get stuck in a time loop, and they have to innovatively find their way out.

How Are Time Loops Movies The Best Kind Of Movies?

Now the solution can be different for various movie genres. In action time loop movies, the protagonist stuck in a time loop may have to fight the bad guy to get himself out of the loop.

In sci-fi movies, the main character might have to take over some alien species or some technology causing the loop. Even the rom-com genre has some of the best time loop movies where the protagonist might get stuck in a loop, and the only way out of it is by searching for one true love.

All the best time loop movies have one thing in common; an innovative execution. Some people might consider these types of movies boring, but the best time loop movies are the ones that are executed in a smart or a genius way. When a genius storyline proceeds with an unexpected plot twist relishes the movie experience.

Now you must be thinking that all plot twists are unexpected, which is true, but sometimes the storyline is too predictable that you can foretell the upcoming plot twist. It is not the case with perfectly executed time loop movies because its unexpected plot twist sticks you to watch the movie till the end.

Time Loop Movies vs. Time Travel Movies

Time travel movies are different in many ways as compared to time loop movies. The intention of both these movies is the same, i.e. the protagonist wants to sort something out. The only difference in both these movies is that the protagonist may intentionally go back or ahead in time to fix something.

Whereas in time loop movies, the protagonist gets stuck reliving the same day where he/she has to come up with a clever solution and fix the root cause to get out of the bizarre situation.

Although people have their preferences when it comes to watching movies. Time loop movies are a treat for me, and I try to devour every time loop movie that comes across me. Check out some of the best time loop movies if you are convinced enough to watch them.

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