Azealia Banks Arrested For Assaulting Security Guard » Film Dhamaka

Azealia Banks, an upcoming rapper has been arrested in New York today allegedly biting and punching a female security guard. This news has sent a huge wave of shock among her friends and well wishers.

The New York Police Department has charged the singer with third degree assault. As per reports, all these issues started when Banks was denied entry into a private party at the Up&Down club.

As per witness statements, Azealia Banks has also uttered bad remarks and foul language on the female security guards. During the time of tiff, Azealia Banks loudly proclaimed that she belongs to a Rihanna album.

After all the hassles, the female security guard tried to take away Azealia Banks from the club, and during this time, the rapper bite the guard on her boobs. Later, swelling and redness developed in her boobs, but the security guard declined medical attention.

Everybody are now awaiting for a word from Azealia.