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Since the announcement of the movie, it has been in the news for it’s larger than life image. There were comic strips introduced, birthday wishes were presented with respective characters in a grandeur way. The marketing team was at it’s best creating an atmosphere for the movie. From the director…

Baahubali Movie Review

Baahubali Movie Review




Since the announcement of the movie, it has been in the news for it’s larger than life image. There were comic strips introduced, birthday wishes were presented with respective characters in a grandeur way. The marketing team was at it’s best creating an atmosphere for the movie. From the director of “Magadheera” and “Naan-E“, Rajamouli returns with a subject which is simpler in terms of a story but different in the area of film making. Rajamouli’s father V. Vijayendra Prasad is the screen writer for this epic drama. He has a penchant for peculiar way of story telling which interests the audience. So is the case with “Baahubali“.

There was more than huge expectation across the nation for this movie, which is a big risk for the makers as it creates a mill which has to be lived up to, but I can say it was not let down. It was shot in Tamil & Telugu simultaneously and was dubbed in Hindi & Malayalam. The movie has a story which we have heard from our childhood it’s nothing out of the box, but what makes it special is it’s making which is a breakthrough in Indian Cinema.

It’s about the character “Shivadu” who is raised in forest among tribes discovers the truth of his birth and the history behind it, this forms the crux of the story. This has been decorated with great visuals supported with good narration.

The story takes off at a slow rate with romance, drama, emotions and cliched plot building techniques which basically laid foundation for the second half. The interval block was a good one, just when you kind of lose hope what was the fuss about, post interval the movie takes an acute U turn which glues you to the seat with it’s impeccable narration which had great support of spectacular performances by the entire cast. The war techniques and sequences were shot extensively well, which raised the standard higher in terms of film making.

Prabhas(Shivadu/Mahendra Baahubali), this character forms the central core of the movie, around which the entire story is woven. Prabhas is been seen as mostly tapori or in urban style, this was first time he was given a look which suited him well. He had the physique which complimented the role well. As Shivudu he warms up to the audience with love and as Mahendra Baahubali he gains the respect for the character which is topped with great acting excellence. Prabhas had a brilliant screen presence which made the role all the more interesting which he carried off with elan.

Rana Daggubati(Bhallala Deva), he had a good amount evil added to the character, since his existence in the film industry, this was best role he did. Rana was characterized well, with great amount of grey shade which was well performed by him, If Prabhas had a brilliant screen presence he complimented that with his dynamism. Rana did a great job.

Sathyaraj(Kattappa), this character was derived with great care, which had a peculiar personality in terms of looks and character. A role of this kind at this stage of his career was a perfect choice. He forms a vital part of the movie, as Kattapa he delighted everyone with his great performance.

Ramya Krishnan(Sivagami), after Padayappa I would say this will be her the finest performance. She has a personality which creates an aura of women power, which screams out loud saying stay the **** out of my way. Her look which was derived for the character was perfect and she brings a great deal of charisma to the role. Ramya Krishnan you’re the best in what you do, and no one can replicate your style.

Tamannaah(Avantika), she’s the fair goddess. That’s how she’s been introduced in the movie with pure beauty flowering in the forest. That later takes a turn in to a strong warrior, she did a good job and performed the action sequences well proving that she’s not only a looker but a performer too.

Anushka Shetty(Devasena), If Prabhas’s character is the central core, she form a central core to that character. In spite of this character’s importance it has a less screen space in this “part“, as she laid the path for the second part. Her make-up was pretty good and Anushka did a great job.

Prabhakar(Kalakeya), this character has a short stint in the movie as he is the king of the barbarian lot, this character speaks in a language which was created for the movie and did a good job. They could have provided subtitles for this part which would have been better.

Nassar as Pingala Devan and Sudeep as Aslam Khan, supported the main cast well with their respective roles and I believe Sudeep will have a deeper role in the second part, there are few characters which will have more importance in the second part, as this laid the foundation to that.

Let’s get to the technical aspect of the movie, which is why this has been in news all the time. The VFX in the beginning tends to give you an idea , was all the fuss for this stuff??? but later like the movie takes a U turn the VFX too settles making it an visual treat. It created a standard which has raised the bar to the next level. The VFX team have done a brilliant job especially in the war scenes. The sound which was worked by P. M. Satheesh for this movie had it’s own space making it one of the best till date in Indian cinema. The horse gallops, the spears flying, swords clinging, throats slashing with squishing of blood never sounded this clear. The entire sound was designed with great caution making the best movie mixed in DOLBY ATMOS in Indian Cinema after Bombay Velvet.

Peter Hein did a great job on the action front, the stunts were well choreographed, which were performed at great level of dedication. The war sequences were a delight to watch as the action was at it’s peak.

Another great feature of the movie was the music and background score by Keeravani. It was great, the songs were little forced in the first half and the item number in the second could have been neglected but few commercial elements keeps all types of audience happy. But the background score was brilliant, it gave a feel to the movie just like you’re watching an Hollywood flick.

Rajamouli derived an epic drama which will go on the shelves as a classic to remember in the coming years, due to it’s technical brilliance and impeccable story telling, as this being a two part movie, all the points which were let loose will be explained in the sequel. |”Baahubali” ends abruptly like Hollywood style of epic movies leaving you restless for “Baahubali – The Conclusion“. Don’t miss it, as these kind of movies hardly come along in decades, catch this at a Big Screen close to you to the enjoy its grandeur.