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There are two channels which are competing for the satellite rights of Baahubali. Those are Gemini and Maa. It is heard that more chances are for Maa TV only. Film unit conformed that Satellite rights for the two parts Baahubali 1 and Baahubali 2 are sold at once. Talks are going between Maa and Baahubali producers .

The producers are asking for both parts a amount of 25 crores. But Maa Tv told to give both parts at rate of 18 crores otherwise part 1 alone should be sold for 10 crores they are asking(Maa). But the film unit is trying to sell both parts at a time to Maa tv. If this happens Baahubali will create new history in satellite rights.


Baahubali 2015-03-12


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