Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

It is well known that Balayya is playing two roles in his upcoming movie ‘Lion’. One is of a CBI officer Bose and another one of Godse. So regarding this both characters, the director has revealed a shocking fact.

Debut director, Satya Deva said that Balayya lost over 7 kgs of weight to show the difference in both the characters. Adding to that, he said that Balayya lost this weight by taking up a strict liquid diet. Almost for 4 months, he is completely serious about this diet and finally shaped up his body suitable to the character Godse.

At this age, it is really appreciable for the dedication of Balayya towards his films. In the past, it was known that he Balayya values his fans a lot and prefers not to disappoint them in any manner. That might be the reason for him for this strict diet. However, even his fans might not prefer him to do this, as it risky.