Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

“Dictator” is Nandamuri Balakrishna’s 99th movie and that is what writer Kona Venkat is busy publicising all these days. Is this title really finalised? Has Balakrishna really given nod to what Kona Venkat along with director Sriwaas has narrated to him? Seems like the final call is yet to be taken on this flick.

“I’ve not listened to full version story of yet. Just a one-line story was bounced to me and I’m trying to get few changes to the story. Need to listen to the full and final story before taking a final call. Also that title (Dictator) is also not confirmed”, said Balayya, talking about the movie with a leading Telugu daily ‘Eenadu’. This is indeed a shocker to fans who are rejoicing to the fact that Balayya has confirmed “Dictator” and shooting starts from May 29th. Another revelation from Balayya is like a much more eye-opener.

“Only if story comes our perfectly, I’ll do this one. Else I may prefer something else”, he says about the so called Dictator. As per this publishing house, Balayya hasn’t yet thought about his 100th movie too. “I want to serve only hot dishes to my fans. Not even thinking a tad bit about 100th film or its story at the moment”, said Balayya.

These are truly shocking revelations, because Kona Venkat confirmed that “Dictator” is finalised, while other medias confirmed that Balayya giving nod to Boyapati for his 100th film.