Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra Twists Pratik Sehajpal Neck, Locks Him With Arms And Slams Him to Floor


Bigg Boss 15 latest news: In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, things between Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal went out of the way during a task. After Bigg Boss punished all the housemates and asked them all to start living in the jungle area, he also gave them a chance to redeem their way back to the main house by collecting points in a task. The team was divided into pairs and the contestants began the task and that’s when Pratik tried to stop Karan and Tejasswi Prakash from completing their task as part of his strategy.Also Read – Bigg Boss 15, Oct 20 Update: Shamita Shetty Nominates Herself For Eviction, Fans Call Her ‘Pure Soul’

While Pratik tried to snatch the points out of Karan’s hands, the latter turned more aggressive, locked him with his arms, and pinned him to the ground. Pratik got extremely baffled as the whole incident looked violent on Karan’s part. Jay Bhanushali, who was paired with Pratik in the task, immediately came to his rescue. Also Read – Donal Bisht On Bigg Boss 15 Eviction: ‘Vishal, Jay, Afsana Used Afsana Like A Puppet’

Karan and Jay share a good bond in the show and therefore, he tried to make Karan understand that how he reacted was extremely violent and it could have been avoided. This also led to a huge argument between Jay and Tejasswi in which the latter kept defending Karan. At one point, Jay told Karan that Pratik is not his friend and he is not taking his side but he himself witnessed the entire incident and saw how Karan reacted very strongly by slamming Pratik against the floor and that could have resulted in some serious injury. Also Read – Bigg Boss 15: Vishal Kotian is ‘Double Dholki’, Say Fans in Twitter Poll

Tejasswi kept arguing from Karan’s side and continued to defend her. Jay told her that this is not about any task but Karan should have resisted using his physical strength in this manner. Pratik’s fans then flooded the internet with the visuals of the clip that show Karan twisting Pratik’s neck and slamming him down on the floor. Check out these tweets:

Meanwhile later, both Tejasswi and Karan discussed how she stood by him in the situation, to which she told him that she would always remain by his side in the show and would always find a way to tackle the situation if he turns aggressive.

Did you watch the episode yet? If yes, do you think Karan should have avoided behaving so violently with Pratik? Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 15!

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