Bigg Boss 15 Shamita Shetty Calls Umar Riaz Aggressive He Reacts I Am Kya Kar Logi

Bigg Boss 15 Shamita Shetty Calls Umar Riaz Aggressive He Reacts I Am Kya Kar Logi

Bigg Boss 15 October 27 Highlight: In tonight’s episode, as the captaincy task begins, Umar Riaz said that the opposite team is putting soap in his eyes. Then, Afsana intervenes and said that powder went inside her eyes but she did not complain. Jay then explained to Shamita that Umar is using a scrubber, but, Karan tells Umar to sit out for a while. Shamita goes on to call Umar aggressive. Umar clarifies to Shamita that he is has not flouted any rules but Shamita tells him to use his brains and show aggression somewhere else.Also Read – Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty Takes Stand For Ieshaan Sehgaal, Tells Rajiv, ‘Woh Uski GF Hai Yaar’

Shamita said, “I don’t like the person who are aggressive to me.” Umar reacts and said, “I am aggressive, Kya kar logi?” Also Read – Bigg Boss 15: Netizens Believe Ieshaan Sehgaal-Rajiv Adatia Are Hiding The Secret Of Their Relationship | Bigg Boss Poll

During the task, Shamita Shetty and Umar Riaz, who cannot stand each other in the controversial house, get into a massive argument. It all started after Bigg Boss announced to not use water during the task as otherwise, mics will get ruined. Shamita, who is sanchalak of the task along with Karan Kundrra, warned the contestants about the same. Also Read – Bigg Boss 15: Ieshaan Sehgaal-Rajiv Adatia Get Into Big Fight, Latter Hints At Their Past Relationship

However, Umar was in no mood to listen to Shamita, and hence a big brawl erupted in the house after Shamita passed some nasty comments on his character, which left Umar furious. Umar told her to do her work as a Sanchalak and not interfere in his matters.

Meanwhile, Shamita Shetty blasts Rajiv Adatia and tells him that he should not ask Ieshaan to prioritise his friendship with you and not priortise his love relationship with Miesha Iyer. He shouts and said, “Woh Uski Girlfriend Hai Yaar”. Ieshaan then told Rajiv not to pass remarks on Miesha and to nott discuss the outside matters inside the house. He further told Rajiv that he is making a joke of his relationship. Karan then tells Rajiv that he did not do the right thing by discussing what Sehgaal family feels about Miesha. Ieshaan said that people feel Rajiv and he had a relationship. Rajiv then gets upset and said, “We are not friends now.”

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