Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

Salman Khan will soon be seen hosting Season 9 of Bigg Boss, most popular reality show on Indian TV. Salman Khan hosted four seasons of the show before exiting last year’s extended edition Bigg Boss Halla Bol, which was hosted by choreographer-filmmaker Farah Khan., THIS season is going to be all about Double Trouble, so says Salman Khan. He recently shot for this promo declaring that the Season 9 of Bigg Boss is HIS!

Doubt was cast on his return for the new season until confirmation was issued just days ago, reportedly after a negoatiated hike in fee.

Salman has been the most loved host on the show and he has often been the voice of reason, the person who resolves arguments, and the person who pulls the contestants’ legs or reprimands them for their behaviour on the show. But looks like this time Salman will be at his naughtiest BEST!

Big Boss involves celebrity contestants being locked inside a house for three months under constant camera surveillance with no luxuries and limited amenities.