Biography of Candace Cameron Bure

Biography of Candace Cameron Bure

• Name: Candace Cameron Burr.
• Born: 6 April 1976, Panorama City, Los Angeles, California, US.
• Father : .
• Mother : .
• Wife/Husband: Valerie Burr.

Early life:

Actress. Born on April 6, 1976 in Panorama City, California. Cameron-Burr is the daughter of Barbara, a talent manager, and Robert, a gym teacher. She is also a younger sister of Kirk Cameron, the actor best known for his role on the 80s sitcom Growing Pains. At the age of five, Cameron-Burr began her acting career with several national commercial spots. After earning guest appearances on the series Alice, Saint Elsorter, and Who’s the Boss? 11-year-old Cameron-Burr was cast as the DJ on Full House – and appearing in Some Kind of Wonderful (1987). Tanner, the eldest of three sisters. The part which showcased his wit and charm completely launched his career. In his down time, he worked on films such as Punchline (1988) and sitcoms including Growing Pains.

Following in the footsteps of her older brother Kirk, Candace decided to take up acting. He started in the entertainment business by appearing in several television commercials. Soon after, he landed roles on shows such as St. Elsouth, Growing Pains and Who’s the Boss? (The role she auditioned for was the lead on Little Wonder, which eventually went to Tiffany Brissette.) In a 1985 episode of the sitcom Punky Brewster, Cameron portrayed a girl named Jennifer Bates, whom her father had kidnapped. In 1987, she had a role as Eric Stoltz’s youngest sister in the teen comedy Some Kind of Wonderful. The artist began the most prominent role of her career in 1987, as Dorna Jo “DJ”, on Cucom’s Full House. Tanner, oldest daughter. The long-running series ended in 1995, and he was a member of the cast throughout its run.

While on Full House, he was also cast in the made-for-TV movies No One Will Tell, playing abused teens; She was raped as a teenager one day, not Fried; Nightscream, a mystery; and Camp Cucamonga, an adventure comedy. Cameron guest starred in the unsuccessful pilot Real Mature, and Bill Nye starred as “Candace the Science Gal” in an episode of The Science Guy. She also appeared in the Tom Hanks and Sally Field feature film Punchline.

That very first acting job was commercial for Mutual of Omaha Insurance. The commercial was never broadcast. Siblings are Bridget Cameron, Melissa Cameron and Kirk Cameron. They have three children with husband Valery Bure: Natasha Valerievich Bure (Natasha Bure) (born August 15, 1998), Lev Valerievich Bure (born February 20, 2000) and Maksim Valerievich Bure (born January 20, 2002). Happened). Husband Valery Burr was an all-star hockey player in the NHL and a two-time Olympic medalist for the Russian national team. Introduced to her husband, Valerie Bure, by former Full House 1987) co-star Dave Coulier. After their wedding, Valerie sent Coulier an autographed hockey stick with the message, “Dear Dave, thank you for the Candace.”


• Over the years, Candace Cameron Bure has been nominated several times in various categories for Outstanding Role in ‘Full House’, but received the award in 1994 for Favorite Television Actress by the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.
• In 2016, she won the Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV Actress Comedy for ‘Fuller House’.

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