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Whenever a movie has a good and compelling story, the audience is always captivated by it. It is especially gambling-based movies that attract Indian punters, such as movies about casinos. Bollywood has produced many good casino movies throughout its history. The movies performed well when they were released and entertained the punters unlike any other.

 At the same time that casinos are a source of entertainment and a way to make quick money through gambling, casino movies provide inspiration and entertainment for Indian gamblers. Nowadays it is especially easy to watch a movie and get inspired to visit a casino, and you are able to visit a casino from the comfort of your home. India Casinos online have revolutionized the way people gamble.

Here are the top 5 Bollywood casino movies that you should watch today:

  • The Great Gambler 
  • Jannat
  • The Striker
  • Gambler
  • Teen Patti

The Great Gambler

The movie was released in 1979. There are few movies as good as this one when it comes to casinos. At the time, this movie was regarded as an ambitious production due to the high cost of shooting. Amitabh Bachhan was playing the main character Jai in the film.

Jai, the protagonist, is a professional gambler who never loses. Besides gambling, the movie illustrates that Jai has real-life problems as well. Afterward, gangs sought to grow their business by bringing him in.


The movie was released in 2008. There is a lot of focus on betting and casino in this movie, along with a bit of romance. The main character in this casino movie is played by Imran Hashmi. Imran Hashmi makes even casino movies more interesting.

Although he wishes to make his special girl Zoya rich, gambling keeps him from giving her enough time. After getting involved with the Betting mafia, things get messy.

The Striker

The story of Surya, a young boy who fights and struggles throughout his life, makes Striker an amazing casino movie. His talent is discovered when he wins a title on the carrom board. For him, this was a life-changing realization.

He gains confidence as he realizes how talented he is. When he enters the world of gambling and betting, he becomes extremely wealthy. As in other casino movies, the character becomes greedy as he wins more and ends up in a lousy company.


Originally released in 1971, this Hindi film is still relevant today. It stars an inspector named Daya Shankar Pane as the main character in this casino movie. The lazy cop Daya lives a relaxed life and doesn’t do much. When an important task is assigned to him, he has no idea how it will change the course of his entire life.

In terms of plot, this movie differs from other casino movies since the main character is a policeman. Daya, the main character of this casino movie, is the main focus of the story. As he discovers the faces of the gambling mafia, the medicine mafia, and the smuggling mafia, he becomes the target of those mafias.

  Teen Patti

In 2010, Teen Patti, a casino-themed movie, was released. Amitabh Bachhan portrays an interesting character. Teen Patti, the Indian version of Poker, is an integral part of Indian culture, shown in the movie. A classic casino movie type.

It’s an interesting movie with a twist, a math professor tries to find an equation that can redefine probability altogether.

Practicing and theoretically, it proves successful, so they decide to play real money games in a casino. It’s then that this casino movie gets entertaining as they take on Teen Patti professionals and risk real money.

Whichever of these movies you decide to watch or rewatch, one thing is certain you will be entertained.

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