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Brother Anurag Says Aamir Khan Assured of Dialysis Centre But Stopped Taking Calls Later

Mumbai: Veteran actor Anupam Shyam passed away recently due to multiple organ failure. After his demise, his brother Anurag Shyam spoke to the media and revealed that actor Aamir Khan had given them an assurance of a dialysis centre in Pratapgarh but he stopped picking their phone calls after some time. Anurag added that his late brother was also upset with the news of his show being pulled off-air.Also Read – Anupam Shyam Dies At 63 Due To Multiple Organ Failure

In an interview with Aaj Tak, Anurag said that their mother passed away last month and Anupam could not go to see her because there is no dialysis centre in their hometown. He added that the actor then reached out to Aamir, his co-star from Lagaan, for help and the superstar even assured him of setting up a dialysis centre in Pratapgarh. But nothing happened later. Also Read – Sonu Sood Says He’s Helping Anupam Shyam After Manoj Bajpayee Reaches Out to The Ailing Actor’s Family

Anurag was quoted as saying, “Our family has been facing a lot. My mother died last month. Anupam was shocked that he could not go to Pratapgarh (where their mother lived). Without a dialysis centre in the town, going there would have been a major health risk for Anupam. We urged for a dialysis centre in Pratapgarh and Anupam even went to Aamir Khan for the same. Aamir Khan gave us the assurance but stopped picking our calls after a few months.” Also Read – Pratigya Actor Anupam Shyam Admitted to ICU After He Collapsed Post Dialysis, His Brother Seeks Financial Help

He said that the news of the death of his brother was shocking because his health condition had improved and doctors had even remove the ventilator. Later, the actor’s blood pressure dropped swiftly and that led to multiple organ failure causing his death.

Anupam Shyam was being treated for kidney failure for the last few years. He was hospitalised a week ago. The actor is known for his negative portrayal of characters, most recently in the TV show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya. May his soul rest in peace!

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