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BTS Permission To Dance On Stage Teaser Jungbook, V, J-Hope And Others Leave Army Curious Watch


BTS Permission To Dance On Stage Teaser Out: BTS ARMY is eagerly waiting for the online concert of K-pop sensation BTS. Now, the Korean band has taken the excitement a notch higher with the new teaser of their upcoming online concert ‘BTS Permission To Dance On Stage’ that is set to premiere on October 24 at 3 pm. The teaser gives a glimpse of BTS’ EP ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Park 2’, which is also known as ‘HYYH’ era, the single of their popular album Run. The video also focuses on the iconic discography of the boys alongside a heavy influence of hip-hop and R & B-inspired rock and dance.Also Read – BTS V Expresses Anger On His Dating Rumours, Calls Them ‘Pathetic’

In the teaser, RM, Jungbook, and V are seen in one room while Jin, Suga, Jimin, and J-Hope are in another, which has left fans curious and are claiming that it can be a part of their next BTS album. The video also mentioned overcoming hurdles against all odds in life. The video states, “We are just getting started.” Also Read – Is BTS V Aka Kim Tae-hyung Dating Daughter of South Korea’s Paradise Group President? HYBE Reveals It All

Watch Here:

The online concert will be exclusively streamed online on the flobal fan community platform, Weverse. The Korean Band is currently gearing up for the show that will take place in Los Angeles. The concert named ‘Permission To Dance’ will take place on November 27-28, and December1-2. Also Read – BTS’ Jimin Celebrates Birthday With Jungkook and J-Hope, Takes a Shot of Korean Alcoholic Drink | Watch

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