Captain America Will Be Dead In Captain America: Civil War

Captain America is one of the most popular comic characters in the entertainment sector, and this Superhero has huge fan following in all nooks of the world. The latest installment in the ‘Captain America’ movie franchisee ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is now gearing up for a theatrical release.

If the makers go by the storyline of the original comic, then one crucial character in the Marvel Universe will die in this movie. As per credible reports, it has been almost confirmed that Chris Evans, who plays the popular character of Steve Rogers alias Captain America, will die in this upcoming flick.

The film is being directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo. The news regarding the death of Steve Rogers have not gone well with movie lovers. We should now wait and see whether the makers of the movie have sticked to the original story line, or whether they have altered it to meet the needs of Captain America fans.