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Cenk Uygur Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

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What is Cenk Uygur’s net worth?

Cenk Uygur is a Turkish-American political commentator, internet personality, and political activist. Cenk Uygur has a net worth of $10 million. The Uighurs are perhaps best known for being the creator of “The Young Turks”, an American left-wing commentary program. He is also known as a political commentator, a media host, a lawyer and a journalist. Cenk began his career as a political commentator before working briefly as an associate attorney in Washington, DC and New York City. With the passage of time, the Uighurs began to adopt an increasingly progressive political approach. He once considered himself a conservative, but now takes an approach that is in line with far-left figures such as Bernie Sanders.

Outside of his work with “The Young Turks”, Cenk is also known for co-founding Justice Democrats, a progressive political action committee. He also frequents MSNBC, Current TV. Uighurs eventually went into politics themselves, running in special elections and regularly scheduled elections for California’s 25th congressional district to succeed Kate Hill, who had recently resigned at the time. Unfortunately, he lost both the elections. His best result was 6.6 percent of the vote.

early life

Cenk Qadir Uygur was born on 21 March 1970 in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey. At the age of eight, he moved with his family to the United States, initially settling in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Growing up in a secular Muslim household, Uighurs continued to practice the Muslim faith throughout college but later became agnostic. However, he still culturally identifies as a Muslim man.

After graduating from high school, Cenk attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in management. During these days, he became active in several councils and associations. He also wrote an article denying the Armenian Genocide and other articles that appear to be derogatory to women. He publicly denied these writings later in life. At some point, Uighurs transferred to Columbia Law School and received a Juris Doctor degree.

entertainment career

Straight out of law school, Cenk began working as an associate at law firms in New York and Washington, D.C. However, he soon turned to the world of broadcasting, discovering his love for political commentary. Bought time on a local access channel. This first show was called “The Young Turks”. During this period, Cenk also served as a talk show host in Washington and Boston. He later became heavily involved with the new show “The Times”, which was based in Florida.

Following these initial roles, the Uighurs officially began the first iteration of “The Young Turks” on satellite radio. During the 2000s, he also began blogging for “The Huffington Post”, writing on topics such as the Iraq War. Cenk later cited the Iraq War as the main reason he began to abandon his conservative approach in favor of a more progressive stance.

Initially, “The Young Turks” featured Cenk and co-host Ana Kasparian. Eventually, it transitioned from satellite radio to YouTube, with a more video-focused format. This proved to be a successful decision, as the YouTube channel of “The Young Turks” eventually collected more subscribers than the YouTube channels of major news organizations such as CNN. This success has largely been attributed to the Uighur branding of the program as a populist leftist.

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In 2015, “The Young Turks” began posting daily news videos on YouTube. Uighurs now regularly claim that their program is the biggest online news show in the world. The statistics certainly show its popularity, with a total of over 7.5 billion views and climbing on YouTube. The channel has over 5 million subscribers, which isn’t really that massive when you consider the subscription tiers of other channels that aren’t news related. However, when you consider their reach across all online platforms, “The Young Turks” has a total of 13 million subscribers or followers. The show is also available as a podcast on various platforms.

In 2011, the show started airing on television after it was picked up by Current TV. However, this ended in 2013. In 2018, “The Young Turks” created its own quasi-news channel on YouTube, which runs 24 hours a day. It includes both live and pre-recorded content.

In early 2010, Uighurs were being approached by MSNBC, which wanted to capitalize on the host’s risk. She was first hired as a replacement anchor, and was cast as the host of “MSNBC Live” in 2011. This happened after Keith Olbermann left the network. Unfortunately, figures such as Cenk were seen as being inconsistent with MSNBC’s branding direction, with President Phil Griffin particularly criticizing Ugyur’s way of speaking. Cenk later claimed that MSNBC attempted to censor him because of his anti-corporate approach. Although he was offered a weekend slot, he declined and left cable news altogether. The Uighurs then focused solely on “The Young Turks”, as the whole experience left them disillusioned with the mainstream media.

political career

Cenk Uygur’s political career began in 2011 amid the backdrop of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He created a political action committee called Wolf-Pac, which seeks to eliminate corporate personality. The PAC also seeks to publicly finance all future elections in the United States. Over the years, Cenk has called for a reorganization of the Democratic Party. After Donald Trump’s inauguration, he founded the Justice Democrats, which seeks to create a more progressive democratic party. The Justice Democrats are a group that is heavily inspired by Bernie Sanders’ approach.

Unfortunately, Cenk was forced to step down from his position within the Justice Democrats after racist and sexist messages were discovered in his earlier articles. In his defense, he said that he wrote these documents when he was “still a conservative”.

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