Central Intelligence Official Trailer – Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson | Film Dhamaka

In real-life, it’s hard to envision anyone disliking Dwayne Johnson, not as planning to decide on him. He’s legend everyone’s kind loves, out of your mommy to your best friend to your baby brother. In the newest trailer for Central Intelligence, he’s a outcast named Frank who was simply bullied in high-school. Among the few people to present him kindness, in fact, was Calvin (Kevin Hart), then the big guy on campus.

Two decades later, Bob resurfaces like a buff, CIA agent that is fine. And he wants Calvin’s support. Never mind that Calvin a mild-mannered accountant, wants nothing to do with the outrageous and unstable scenario Bob’s working on. View the newest Central Intelligence trailer after the jump.

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Leaving aside the fact Hart and Johnson seem to have already been forged because of their last names (“a little Hart plus a massive Jackson!”) as much their precise skills, those two truly seem to create a pretty good pair. Hart looks a bit more muted than typical below, while Brown gets to show strange personality as Bob. Oh, and Central Intelligence originates from director Rawson Marshall Thurber, who previously offered us We’re the Millers and Dodgeball. That cop” system that is “buddy might not be something spectacularly fresh, but Central Intelligence seems like maybe it’s a fun summertime address.


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