Mon. May 20th, 2024

Seductress Charmi is trying her level best to make most in Film Industry as ‘counting’ for her exit started already. She is the most senior heroine now and already audiences started losing interest in her, so are filmmakers. Her latest weapon is “Jyothilakshmi” for which dashing director Puri Jagan is present in captain’s seat.

Reportedly, Puri is wrapping up the whole movie in 58 days, that’s jet speed and in a decent budget. Producers of the film including Charmi will not get any losses as the mere distribution of project brings them table profits. What’s the role Charmi playing in this film? Unlike speculations that Charmi is playing the role of a movie heroine, we hear that she is a sex worker. This is her second stint with on-screen prostitution as she played a high profile call girl in “Prema Oka Maikam” movie. What’s the storyline Jagan would have picked for this melodrama?

Some say that Puri Jagan prepared “Jyothilakshmi” basing on real life story of a heroine who has turned call girl and got arrested, before Court set her free. But for the kind of content this director generally makes, and with call girl story in place, probably Censor Board will pass him with ‘A’ certificate.