Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

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You don’t give somebody a chance to go ahead your appear and take the thunder, folks! Tiger makes it his show with his flying kicks and dance moves. Yes! The same Tiger Shroff we have been making fun of for being feminine turns out to be too masculine. The lame jokes of Bharti and Krushna start, yet more than them Shraddha’s interesting chuckling fills your heart with joy.  She truly grins like a school kid, goddammit.

And on the top of that, she is amazingly gorgeous. The shenanigans proceed, and Sidharth Sagar enters as the most disturbing form of a lady EVER. The melody he sings to offer rivalry to Shraddha’s delightful voice is conceivably the most irritating, the show has ever been. The main redeeming quality was two hot individuals sitting on the lounge chair who figure out how to force you into the show. Further, Shraddha Kapoor dances entertainingly and makes interesting clamors replicating Bharti, and gives the ideal try out for her own comic drama appear. Now that is what everybody will totally ENJOY.  

Shakeel enters, and helps up the show more, trailed by a diversion in the middle of Shraddha and Tiger. Remember that slap drama Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan played on Bigg Boss? THAT. The same happens here. This was excessively fun and we figure out how well the two performers know each other. Very little, evidently.  A couple of more satires and third-grade comedy make the scene watchable. We truly hope the cast come up with something else to save us from this torture instead of putting everything on the guest’s shoulders.