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Could ‘Locke and Key’s season 2 miss its release date? – Film Dhamaka

Locke and Key season 2 finally has a release date! Now the question remains: will it make it in time to actually release on that day? On Tuesday, Netflix announced that Locke and Key season 2 would premiere on October 22nd, finally giving fans a release date to hold onto after such a long wait. 

With new keys, new mysteries, and the continued assault from an old foe, Locke and Key season 2 will have fans searching their houses for magic keys as the release date gets closer and already has theories abounding on the internet. 

Naturally, many took to Twitter to celebrate the news of a release date for Locke and Key season 2. We unlocked the threads to find more information and the best reactions to the release date news for Locke and Key season 2. Relock the Omega Door as we dive into what we know so far. 

Mysteries locked tight 

Locke and Key, based on the comic series of the same name by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez, follows the Locke family as they uncover the magical legacy they have to protect from dastardly demons, such as Dodge who longs to open the Omega Door and release literal Hell on Earth. 

Despite the siblings believing themselves free from Dodge, she’s unfortunately still at large, possessing Gabriel and working toward reclaiming the Crown of Shadows. The Locke siblings will have to race against Dodge in order to keep their idyllic town safe from her, unlocking new mysteries along the way. 

With all that said, those mysteries may get locked up for longer than anticipated. Though a teaser trailer has been released, editing and the delta variant may keep this season under lock and key for a little longer than we’d hoped. 

No key for this 

The teaser showcases what looks to be an epic season 2 for the show, with Gabriel working to make a brand new key to fight the Locke siblings as well as getting his hands on the Crown of Shadows, showcasing what seems to be an epic fight we can’t wait to see ourselves. 

Unfortunately, there may be some factors that keep that under wraps for longer than Netflix may anticipate. Filming for the series wrapped back in April, so a release date of October 22nd should give them more than enough time, right? Maybe not, as the show is visual effects heavy, meaning more time may be needed to make everything look as good as possible. 

Of course, alongside that is the ongoing pandemic that still hasn’t let up. With the delta variant still at large, it may take longer to edit the show as fewer people can work at a time, leaving us in front of a locked door with little time to forge a new key. Hopefully it will come in time for spooky season, but we’ll simply have to wait and see. 

Twitter is excited anyway 

Despite the potential delay, many on Twitter have shared their excitement over the release date announcement as well as the teaser. Reactions to the news includes: 

Nothing wrong with that, but glad you’re excited! 

Neither are we . . . . 

Well, happy birthday to you dude! 

We know, right?! 

Aka most people’s reaction in a nutshell. 

What are your thoughts on what we know so far about Locke and Key season 2? Do you think Netflix will make the release date? Drop them below in the comments before Dodge gets another key! 

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