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Photo shoots are the best away to exhibit a girl’s beauty to the public. It would be an honor to any girl to pose for a photo shoot, that too for a top magazine’s cover photo.

Filmfare magazine conducted a photo shoot again on Deepika Padukone again. This time it is for May month magazine’s cover photo.

The actress is seen much more hotter than before and most of the photo shoot was done on Deepika Padukone in a black attire.

Speaking on an interview for the magazine, she answered to all the controversial comments that are made on her previously.

To be in detail, answering about the My Choice controversy and some of her cleavage shows previously, she said that does not bother me as is always feel that there are much other important things to bother in my life. She conformed that she is very much happy in both her personal and professional life.


Deepika Padukone 2015-04-22


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