Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

From the time when Balaji Motion Pictures has announced their India’s first youth-based erotica film ‘XXX’, it is garnering lot of buzz all over regarding its bold and controversial content. The makers are planning top rope fresh faces in the film, and thus have started auditioning actors from social networking site Twitter.

Well, in order to stay away from any last minute hurdle or any issue, Ekta Kapoor has included a nudity clause that states every actor agrees to go nude and bold in relation to their respective intimate and lovemaking scenes in the film.

All the actors will have sign a contract with a nudity clause mentioned in it, which will require the actors to use explicit language, both verbally and sexually, including hardcore sex scenes as per the script requirement.

The plot of ‘XXX’ covers short and edgy stories that revolve around youth’s favourite interests, which is erotica. Every story has a surprising twist, which makes the ride even more attention-grabbing.

Meanwhile, these kind of clauses are very much standard for all Hollywood movies, where it makes sure for the makers to do smooth working with professional working.