Entertainment Industry Tech Advances for 2022

The tech behind the entertainment industry is growing and changing by the day.  The industry has always relied on tech to stay relevant and to offer new services to its clients and customers. That hasn’t changed and recent tech advances have had an impact as well. 

These advances are sometimes just trends that the industry is currently focusing on, but in some cases, they are also groundbreaking changes and one that will remain in the industry for years to come. Here are a few of those advances to be on the lookout for in 2022.

Cryptocurrencies in Gambling

Bitcoin gambling has become the norm in the world of online games since it has so many advantages for both the casinos and the players. Cryptocurrencies are already being used as a payment method in many different industries and gambling is no different. 

The payments are made anonymously and quickly and it’s easy to trace them. Using bitcoin as a payment method also helps the casino find its way to the market of young and affluent players that are also tech-savvy and that’s a good market to be in.

VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality have really been on the rise in the entertainment world lately. That’s because the tech has now become advanced enough to allow for it and it’s becoming more widely used. This was further helped by the hype around Metaverse and its future. 

Metaverse can be the next big thing when it comes to social media. Facebook and Microsoft are both behind it and chances are that others will come along as well. There are also plenty of opportunities to make money out of the prospect, since many are buying and renting digital land in it. 

Focus on Mobile Device

Mobile devices are now the main and most important part of the entertainment industry. This goes for all types of entertainment from movies and gambling games to video games and streaming. Young users are focusing on those devices in particular and therefore the industry is as well.

Mobile devices are also getting better and therefore they are able to withstand all of these new uses. Foldable phones will probably be the next big thing in the world of mobile entertainment. The beginnings of that technology are already there.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has already become an important part of so many different industries and it will continue to change the entertainment industry as well. Automation in particular has the biggest effect on the industry because it makes it much more productive, but it also negatively affects the labor force. 

The industry will have to find a balance between the two and no one really knows how the two can complete each other. This is something other industries are struggling with and that will define the upcoming years, if not decades. Chances are we’ll all have to adapt and change as the industry does. 

Blockchain is Here to Stay

It may have seemed at some point that blockchain is just a trend in the financial industry, but it has become so much more than that. Chances are that this will remain the case in the years to come and that much more of the industry will be powered by it. 

Mining is still an important part of it but it can no longer be done without the need for high tech so chances are that it will be mostly cloud-based. It is an improvement on the tech that has powered it so far. 

Digital Assets

Non-fungible tokens and digital assets are becoming a more prominent thing and they will become more so with the invention of the Metaverse. Purchasing digital assets has always been a part of the gaming world, and now it’s becoming mainstream and many are looking for ways to make a profit from it. 

The first of such assets is going to be land within the Metaverse since it’s easy to imagine based on the assets in the real world.  It can also be rented which is an easy way to make money from it. Many are already doing it.

Using Renewable Energy Sources

The industry affects the environment in countless ways and that’s becoming a concern for everyone involved and especially the audiences and the players. That’s why some changes will need to be implanted in the industry in the years to come. Some efforts are already made and it can be a sign of things to come. 

The big question that will become important for the environmental sector is how to deal with nuclear energy. It’s less damaging to the environment than all the other options and easier to obtain. However, there’s a fear associated and many environmentalists aren’t over it yet. 

Moving Ahead

It’s never easy to speculate about the future and try to imagine which new tech development will affect the industry the most. It seems that some of these advancements will be here for a long time since they are important changes that alter the very core of the industry.

However, it’s also easy to make a mistake and many of the advancements we’ve dealt with before turned out to be just short term trends. All that can be done is to wait and see while being on the lookout for good ideas, and there are plenty of those.

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