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Everything you need to know about Android 11- Detailed Info

Everything you need to know about Android 11- Detailed Info

The beta for the nextversion of Android, which is Android 11, is accessible for Pixelphones beginning today. Presently, a lot of Android 11has previously spilled, obviously, on the grounds that Google, yet it’s legitimate at this point. So I wanna get into whatthe new highlights are. Presently, generally speaking, my take is that Android is a full grown working framework, which implies that the essentials are truly not going to change that much. There are a couple of new significant highlights however the setting here is thatAndroid as of now does a ton. Thus a great deal of the highlights aren’t really about doing new things, however helping you makesense of everything that Android as of now does. Perhaps the greatest activity thata develop working framework has is overseeing multifaceted nature. So here’s a question,how well does Android 11 deal with the entirety of the thingsthat Android does? So to begin, each form of Android plays with notices. Furthermore.

I’m really notcomplaining about this since notices are ahuge wellspring of unpredictability. Furthermore, I very much want theyear-over-year changes that Google attempts to makewith Android to improve it than the way that Apple gets things done with the iPhone, which is to never changeanything about warnings. It couldn’t be any more obvious, notices went from a route for you to see your instant messages into this nightmare,catch-the entirety of everything. News, and media controls, and parched applications tryingto get you to reconnect with their substance, and cautions that applications are utilizing your experience area. Furthermore, (murmurs) it’s only a ton. So in Android 11, Google is separatingout your warnings into three truly clearand particular segments with large, evident names. There are Conversations, Alerting notifications,and Silent notices. What’s more, the new segment here is Conversations, which isolates out thenotifications from your visit applications into their own segment at the top, and that lets you do a lot of things with those notices. The main thing is you canbubble those warnings, which transforms them into theselike bubble talk heads that sit on the highest point of different applications. You may have seen it inapps like Facebook Messenger, where there’s this head gliding around, you can put it any place you need, you tap on it, and itopens up the discussion. That is currently going to open up to any talk application on Android. What’s more, as a matter of course, that is simply going to show like the entire talk upinside little window, however engineers can customizeit for it on the off chance that they need. The other thing that theConversations lets you do is you can long press on them, and you can stamp an individual’s discussion inside a talk application as need.

What’s more, what that implies isthey’re going to have the option to get through yourdo not upset settings. And furthermore when you look atyour little warning plate at the highest point of your screen,you’re going to see their face rather than simply the symbol for the application. There are a couple of different newthings with warnings, so you can all the more effectively control where quiet notices appear. You can keep them fromshowing up in your status bar or on your lock screen. You can without much of a stretch switch an application from cautioning notificationto quiet warning by long proceeding it,bringing up certain alternatives. In the event that you wanna get an appinto a Conversations however, you gotta trust that the designer will refresh it to help that. Google additionally took what utilized tobe an extremely unusual hacky thing and they made it official. You can go into your Settings and discover your Notification history. So on the off chance that you accidentallydismiss notice, you can go to Settings and discover it once more. You likewise get a couple of more powers over how don’t upset functions that lets you tweak which applications can get through don’t upset, notwithstanding thosepriority discussions. So there is one other thing to discuss with notices. You used to have media playback control in your notice shade, and Google’s currently moving thatup into the speedy settings.

So it’s kind of part ofthe warning shade, however kind of not, in any case, it’s up there at the top now,and when you extend it down, there’s going to be a littlebutton that you can press, and when you press it,it will let you pick where your sound goes,Bluetooth earphones, or speaker or any place. With the goal that’s warnings. The following communication zonethat Google has amplified for Android 11 is the force menu. The thing you get when you long press the powersleep wake button thing. It has your standard poweroptions like previously, Emergency, Power off, Restart. There is lockdown yet tragically, it’s covered up under a three speck menu. Underneath that are yourGoogle Wallet passes.

So your bank cards andyour tickets on the off chance that you ever get the chance to go on a plane again, that is all stuff that we’ve seen previously. What’s going on is that Google is putting shrewd home controlbuttons underneath that here. So it’s similar to what the iPhone does with home controls and control focus. In any case, on Android, it’s in this force menu. You can redo whatbuttons appear here, you can simply tap on stuffto turn lights on and off, you can drag your fingerto change brilliance. You can likewise simply long press to go in and see more alternatives, etc. This area is poweredby the Google Home application. Also, that is acceptable becauseit’s one less thing that you need to set up. Be that as it may, it implies that I thinkthat various organizations are going to do differentthings with this force menu. So in the event that you purchase a Samsung telephone, I would hope to see Samsung Pay and Samsung Smart Homecontrols in the segment here. With the goal that’s warnings and force. There’s a couple otherzones to discuss. There’s the home screen,and something you can do here is supplant your dab with proposed appsfrom Android, you know, relevant conjectures of whatyou’re going to need to open straightaway. Furthermore.

I’ve had it on andI don’t generally cherish it. These suppositions at what appI’m going to need to open for the most part aren’t generally that exact. There’s likewise the performing multiple tasks screen or you may consider it the ongoing screen, and there’s three newbuttons on the base here. So in the event that you tap screen capture, it pulls a screen capture of the application that is front most in performing various tasks. You can tap Select, and it will give you what text is selectable to directlycopy in your clipboard. Or on the other hand you can tap Share, and it’ll get a screenshotof that front most application and raise the Sharesheet naturally. Discussing screen captures, when you take one, it nolonger goes into warnings, it makes this little interface down in the lower left hand corner where you can tap Share or Edit. It’s much the same as the waythat the iPhone does it. So those are the significant zones, notices, power menu, home screen, and the new ongoing screen, and every one of them are designedto assist you with understanding all the highlights thatAndroid is currently tossing at you. What’s more, I have an entire theoryabout how it identifies with iOS and the iPad and work areas, and it’s very much for this video, we have significantly more featuresof Android 11 to experience, so how about we continue onward. So area consents aregetting stricter in Android 11. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, applications can onlyask for three various types. Once, while the application isopen, or only straight up deny. That one time thing isnew and it’s something that the iPhone as of now has. Presently, if an application incredibly needs constantbackground consent, it needs to send you deepinto Android settings where you go on lasting access there.

Additionally, on the off chance that you hit preclude a couple from securing times when the application asks youfor area authorization, Android will just tellthe application to quit asking you and it won’t have the option to do it once more. Good, how about we see what else. All things considered, we’ve seen a bunchof stuff in the betas that are ideally going to stay, yet there’s no assurance. So I’m discussing screen recording. It’s here in the beta. It was in the beta lastyear and they yanked it, yet I trust it stays this year. We’ve additionally observed proof ofnative looking over screen captures which is going to let yougrab the whole site page. You ought to have the option to pinapps to the Share sheet with the goal that you don’t have todepend on Google’s forecasts, you can simply stick the thingyou really wanna offer to. Quite mode won’t impair Bluetooth on the off chance that you don’t need it to. There’s still picture in picture, yet now you can resize the video. Dim mode has better planning choices.

There’s more symbol stylesfor Pixels theming. Google has this thingcalled Project Mainline that lets them updatesystem level segments without refreshing theentire working framework. Also, there’s 12 additional modules that are getting added to that. Gboard is getting a few updates for I think all Android telephones, they have more emojikitchen fun little choices, and it’s getting autofill. There’s only a great deal of easily overlooked details. (murmurs) So that’severything in Android 11. Or possibly it’s all the stuffI can ponder. What’s more, in the event that you simply take a gander at the slug rundown of those highlights, you’ll see that it’s a great deal of rounding out the corners and including new small amounts to a great extent. In any case, similar to I stated, I imagine that Android is amature working framework, so bodes well. Past those new highlights however, what Android 11 is reallyabout is making the stuff that you really need to doa tad simpler to discover. So state you wanna text withsomebody that is essential to you, their face may be rightthere in your status bar on the off chance that they messaged you, or theirface may be in an air pocket that is gliding over theapps you’re utilizing at the present time, so you can get to it immediately. Keen light controls at last aren’t covered inside the Google Home application.

They’re in that spot in the force menu. What’s more, that power menu zone, itsort of sounds good to me. Google says it’s likeyour keys and your wallet. The stuff you put in your pocket to cooperate with the physical world. What’s more, I surmise that is the reason thatstuff isn’t in fast settings. That is to say, I could go on, however the fact of the matter is that those little decisionsof what goes where and why, that is the unobtrusive stuff thatultimately causes a telephone to feel either instinctive or befuddling. There still is someconfusing stuff here. I think settings in Android is getting a tad crazy. Be that as it may, I can see where Go


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