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Free Spins

Casinos offer a lot of different bonuses to attract new players and keep the old ones satisfied. The most popular of these bonuses are probably the free spins. That’s because unlike deposits, free spins can be used right away and they feel as if you’re getting free money from the casino. 

However, you should keep in mind that even with the free spins you should be aware of the wagering requirements attached to these bonuses. That means you’ll need to spend some of your own money before you’re able to withdraw the winnings made with a bonus. 

What Are Free Spin Bonuses

Free spins are a type of bonus offered by casinos, mostly ones that are used for playing slots. The bonus consists of the fact that you get to make one spin for free and to take the winnings as if you’ve played for the amount assigned to the spin. 

This is especially important for new players that want to try the game out before they start playing for their own money. Such bonuses are usually tied to a wagering requirement, however. 

What Are Wagering Requirements 

Wagering requirements refer to the amount of your own money you need to deposit and spend before you’re able to simply withdraw the funds that you’ve made from a bonus. It’s a measure used to prevent players from collecting the money from a bonus and leaving without betting on their own.

With free spins, the casino assigns a value to the spin and the requirement is to spend money that you’ve gotten as a bonus. Sometimes it’s a lot more and in those cases, it may not even pay out to use the bonus, from the perspective of a player. 

Three Types of Free Spins 

There are three main types of free spins that you should be aware of. The first one is the one we mentioned already – it’s a spin that has assigned value to it and that comes with a wagering requirement. The second one is known as no deposit free spin, which is the free spin that has no wagering requirement. It’s the rarest bonus out there. 

The last type of free spin bonus is the free cash bonus which is awarded as a deposit as long as you make a certain amount of spins. 

How to Claim Free Spins?

Free spins are the simplest bonus out there and it’s the simplest one to claim. There are usually three steps involved. You need to set up an account for the online casino as the first step. You need to add a payment method to your account (and casinos offer a variety of methods).

Once you’ve done that you get to the last step and claim the bonus that’s offered to you at the signup. There are some casinos that offer these bonuses at other stages as well, but this is the most common way to do it. 

How to Know How Much To Wager?

It’s important to be aware of the wagering requirement attached to the free spin bonuses. This information will be provided by the casino and by the review sites that you could easily find online. Some players still don’t know how much they need to wager based on this information. 

If the casino has a 10x wagering requirement, this means you’ll need to spend 10 times what you’ve got as a bonus before you’re able to withdraw your winnings. With free spins, the amount is assigned to each spin and the wagering requirement multiplies it. 

Other Bonuses 

Some casinos offer other bonuses beyond free spins and some combine the two. These bonuses usually come in the form of a deposit that’s made directly to your casino account. In other cases, the bonus is assigned by multiplying the deposit that the player has already made. 

These bonuses are unrelated to free spins and the two can be used separately. However, wagering requirements apply to both and you can’t simply get the bonus, use it and leave. You’ll need to make bets of your own and earn the bonus. Sometimes, this isn’t worth doing, however. 

The Casinos That Offer Free Spins

Some of the casinos that offer this type of bonus include:

-888 Casino
-Spin Casino
-Ruby Fortune
-N Casino
-Royal Vegas

There are also others but these casinos are amongst the best out there not only in terms of the bonuses they offer but in terms of their service as a whole. 

Keep in mind that there are also a few casinos that offer free spin bonuses that you should avoid. These casinos wait too long to pay out the winnings or have bad customer support and are not worth the trouble they are causing.  These include:

-Planet 7
-Cool Cat
-Grand Prive

To Sum Up

Free spins are one of the best bonuses out there. They are simple enough to use since they simply allow the player to have a spin without having to pay for it. However, they are usually connected to the wagering requirements that won’t allow you to withdraw until you bet. 

Some casinos also offer additional bonuses such as deposits and multipliers but these are unrelated to free spins. Make sure you’re aware of the requirements before you decide to use a bonus since sometimes, they are not worth it if you need to bet too much of your own money.

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