Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

A shoe we wear today gets out dated in a month. The favourite dress which we liked it while buying may not be liked by ourselves after few days. The reason is, the trend gets updated, so obviously, our minds get updated. Shoes and dresses are minor things where the loss might be in just few hundreds. But what is the condition of the movie when it is a remake of a film which had released 13 years back.

“Gabbar is back”, the Akshay Kumar starrer is a remake of Ramana, a super hit flick in 2002. Later the movie was remade as Tagore in Telugu in just an year and so as the trend does not lose in an year, Tagore was a super success again.

But Akshay remaking that film after a gap of 13 years is definitely a dare step. But however, if only the theme of the film is taken and the present trendy screenplay is added to it, there is every chance of hit again.

In Ramana and Tagore, the lead actors are seen with neat shave and a classy look. Now in these posters, Akshay is seen in a rough look. Seems to be like director took good care and made the script trendy. The movie is set to release this Friday amidst of high expectations among Akshay fans.