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Sure, vanilla sex is the basic way to bang. And if you ask ten people what is vanilla sex, they will give you ten different answers. However, one thing that remains constant in vanilla sex is the quintessential missionary position. Put simply, missionary has acquired a significant reputation amongst sex enthusiasts and beginners. However, owing to its prominence, many people think missionary is regular and includes no complex or exciting moves. 

It’s true that this vanilla sex position does not include any hard or complicated moves. But if not missionary, how else do you enjoy kissing, neck nuzzling, and improving foreplay? That’s what the prime discussion of this post is. Welcome to this post, where you can learn everything about going vanilla with your list crawler escort. Get more details on missionary sex by reading the below-offered points.

Include Missionary as One of the Major Parts of Your Multi-Course Experience

Your body has several pleasure zones that go undiscovered if you stick to your old sex routine. Incidentally, you also love to repeat those things that get you right at the climax. However, repeating your good old moves during the foreplay might make things uninteresting.

That’s why you should focus on making missionary as one of the major parts of your experience. If missionary sounds unexciting, why don’t you try several modifications? Trying it improves your excitement during other positions (like reverse cowgirl, sideways 69, etc.) for better orgasm and in-depth intimacy.

Slow-Mo Missionary to Increase Sexual Pleasures

The basics of missionary sex is that the penetrating partner will remain at the top of the receiving partner. That means you should be at the top of your escort. So, it requires both partners to face one another. So, you enjoy better eye contact during foreplay. Since you don’t have to focus on much effort or flexibility, you can try ‘slow-mo’ missionary. 

Missionary will get insanely intimate once you slow down your foreplay. Take each moment and elongate it for more than minutes. Your moment of anticipation before entering the escort’s in-depth pussy goes beyond words. Enter your partner’s in-depth pussy gradually. Take time to press it with your penis’s tip. The slow sliding will intensify things and take it to a different level. 

The Significance of Nipple Play during Missionary

The best orgasms are achieved when you combine slow-mo sex with nipple play. Besides improving your sensual desires, it helps you engage more with your partner during the sexual encounter. Here’s presenting the best ways to improve nipple orgasm:

  • Intentionally avoid touching your partner’s breasts while kissing
  • Try to find their nipple with clothes on (it can be a great fun game)
  • Soft strokes and touches can excite your partner
  • Breast blows are great for enticing your partner
  • Breast massages can increase the intensity of the act

After you perform these things, you can finally see her big-sized nipples. Touch them with your finger only to see her moan passionately. Now, your final act of nipple play starts once you press both nipples with your fingers. Kiss her and try to tease her while playing with her nipples. Stretch them a bit forward to see her compact breasts coming forward.

Message them in a circular motion for a better size. Once you see the colors of her nipples changing, press them with your mouth. Lick them with your tongue; ensure your escort moans with passion during this time. If not, you can lick one nipple and simultaneously press another breast. Suck her nipple until they are swollen. Once you enjoy nipple play, you can easily take missionary to the next level.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind

A woman turns on only when she finds her man desiring her. And there’s no better way to spice things up than hoisting your legs over your shoulders. This added twist to your missionary sex makes things more sensual for you and your partner. It lets you enter their in-depth pussy without any barrier. 

Or how about having your partner press their legs against one another? Believe it or not, it suddenly enhances each stroke. You can also ask your partner to bend their legs. Grab their ankles while entering inside. 

So, if you want to improve your missionary sex, hire a list crawler escort and ‘go vanilla’ with her.


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