Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Mollywood, Short Films


Heist- The title has got the entire feel of this moviie.It covers all emotions that stick to a heist,anger,hatred,planning,patience etc etc..We dont promise an extraordinary thread but at the end u may find some thing unusual!!

Basically the story revolves around 4 central charectors Ravi,Lopez Shivan and Sarah.Ravi doestnot belong to malgudi ,He came in accidently.this entry flip around the life of other three..From there the plot of heist is set.Lopez a Bgrade landlord ,Sivan nd Sarah are his employees!! How ravi gets bonded to these people in three months..Why sarah nd who is sarah??key is heist

Heist stems on feel good music,magic shots,sceneric locations….In short HEIST is gonna HEIST your mindset!!