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Sex does not mean reaching a destination, but it’s more about how you reach this destination. It is important to enjoy your intimate moments to the fullest. You should not think about the orgasm all the time when you are in bed with your partner. This can cause anxiety and stress, and therefore you will not reach the orgasm. 

Women and orgasms

Men do not have problems in quickly reaching orgasm, instead, women have. There are no fixed recipes or answers to solve this small problem. You can start by making a medical check, to see if your health is good, especially if you are a woman seeking man for sex and deep pleasure. There could be a medical problem that could contribute to your orgasms, such as diabetes or any irregularity with the thyroid. If you are under Medication, especially if it is antidepressants, this can contribute to your sexual problem.

If you are healthy but you still cannot reach orgasm, then the problem can be psychological. There are plenty of women who cannot feel comfortable and cannot relax during sex. Some of them are frustrated, some are worried about their bodies, some just focus too much on their partners, and so on. There could be anything, and what’s more important is to make sure you know what is your problem. Once you know the problem you can treat it in the most efficient way possible. 

Yet, you have to make sure it is not related to your partner or your feelings about him. Make him understand that you are still very attracted to him and you love him very much. Start by explaining that what is happening is just a problem that can be solved, be honest and patient, because everything will be solved. Once these issues are set, you can go together to the next steps in solving the problem. 

You should never tell your partner that is his fault that you are not having an orgasm. In most cases, it is not his fault. Don’t forget that a woman must also participate in the sexual act and focus on her own pleasure. You cannot expect to not do anything but still feel lots of pleasure. Things don’t work like that. Things are much easier when you are relaxed and you both feel comfortable with each other. 

Prepare for sex before sexual intercourse

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Even if you are with friends out, you can start by whipping your lover the words “Attack” or you can imagine, while talking, what could do his body on your body. If your boyfriend is still in the office, call him and tell him that you want to come home because you have prepared a surprise for him. 

Do not hesitate to confess to them how much you want them. Tell your boyfriend that you have a strong desire for him and that you will do so many things with him once he will arrive at home. These are the things that will drive a man crazy and will make him feel excited to get home. 

Make your KEGEL exercises

You can try a very easy, but very efficient exercise that offers guaranteed satisfaction. Start by contracting vaginal muscles, maintain muscles for 2-3 seconds, relax, then take it from the end, contract, relax. Be sure, you are free to try various variations in these exercises. Do not forget! Kegel exercises become effective unless you realize them regularly. You can repeat contractions 15 times, at least three times a day. Important to know is that these exercises can even be made in the office, not necessarily in your bedroom.

Create your atmosphere

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The atmosphere holds a more than important role when it comes to a love game and, implicitly, to achieve orgasm. The right condition and the right time are very important. Be relaxed, forget about the problems at work, and enjoy the time with your partner. If you feel the need, throw some rose petals through the room, ignite some scented chopsticks, put music in the deafness, and light some candles. You can also do a shower together or even a few sensual massages, one another, to enter the required state. If you want, you can also use lubricants for extra pleasure. 

Breathing is very important

The way you breathe during sexual intercourse can have great importance. Many sexologist experts believe that women who hold their breath during orgasm can increase its intensity. Others believe that maintaining breathing forces oxygenated blood towards the brain as far as the genital. The “deep” breathing during an orgasm is great because there is a possibility of triggering another orgasm. You can try all the ways of breathing to see what suits you.

Tell your fantasies

If this helps you touch the orgasm, you can tell each other sexual fantasies, and if possible, implement them. You do not have to feel guilty because you have fantasies, everyone has! Maybe if he tells you his fantasies, you will feel much more comfortable telling yours as well. 

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