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How did ‘Doctor Who’ cast member Tanya Fear vanish? – Film Dhamaka

It’s unsurprising that with a show as long-running as Doctor Who that there wouldn’t be a few tragedies mixed in with its cast. From untimely deaths to scandals, you don’t have a series as old as Doctor Who without a few behind-the-scenes tragedies regarding the cast. Given the large-scale nature of the show, it even includes people who have been on the series for just one episode. 

The latest Doctor Who cast member to run into trouble is Tanya Fear, who appeared in a 2018 episode of the beloved BBC sci-fi series. She was reported missing on Thursday, Sept. 9 in Los Angeles. Using the hashtag #FindTanyaFear, her family had been working hard to spread her story and try to find her whereabouts. Details of why she disappeared, however, are scarce. 

Luckily, however, Tanya Fear had been found by the LAPD, who said that no foul play was involved in her disappearance. The case is now closed. Hopefully, the loved ones of Fear can help her get whatever help she needs or figure out what exactly led to her disappearance. As the case largely played out on social media, we’re going to track it through the posts.

The name has been changed to #FoundTanyaFear

It all started when her family set up a Twitter page.

Images of the missing woman

People made sure to share the most recents images of Fear that they could find.

The search for Tanya Fear

Many people were immediately doing double time to help Fear’s family.

The good side of fandom

Doctor Who fans did their part as well in spreading the news.

People were on it for this cast member of Doctor Who

Seriously, this is what happens when a fandom mobilizes for something worthwhile.

A sighting

The biggest news until Fear was found on Monday was that she was spotted in a Trader Joe’s. 

A happy ending

Tanya’s family was able to share the good news that she was okay on Monday, Sept. 13.


Everyone was relieved that the actress was found safe. 

The relief

Other reports have not said anything about Fear’s hospitalization.


Fear’s cousin said that the LAPD did not inform Fear’s family. Unfortunately, in a missing person’s case, if the adult missing person is found safe and okay, the police don’t need to inform the family.

What do you think about Tanya Fear’s disappearance? Let us know your thoughts about this Doctor Who cast member’s story below. 

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