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In August 2020, Instagram introduced a new feature called Reels, which enables users to make short-form videos accompanied by music or audio. Like TikTok, Reels provides various editing features, filters, and effects to improve the video-making process. Since its release, Reels has rapidly acquired popularity and significantly affected how Instagram users engage.

Here are a few ways Reels has transformed Instagram for good.

  • Higher Engagement

Reels’ increased interaction on Instagram has one of the biggest effects on the platform. Instagram has consistently been a well-liked social networking site due to its emphasis on visual content. Yet since Reels have been available, Instagram has significantly increased user engagement.

Reels give users the ability to make quick, attention-grabbing videos that are perfect for drawing in their following. Engagement on the site has increased as a result of the rise in likes, comments, and shares that resulted from this.

Reels have increased engagement and prompted users to stay on the platform longer. As Reels is incorporated into the Instagram app, users can effortlessly scroll through various Reels videos while viewing their feed; because of this, individuals and businesses are spending more time on the site.


  • New Opportunities for Creators

Reels have improved Instagram in another manner by giving creators additional opportunities. Reels focus on short-form videos, which has given creators a new platform to express their ideas. Creators can use Reels to experiment with various editing features, filters, and effects to produce distinctive and interesting videos.

Reels have also given creators a new platform to connect with a wider audience. Because Reels is incorporated into the Instagram app, users may quickly find new creators by browsing the Reels feed. It has given creators a chance to increase their following and broaden their platform presence.


  • New Business Opportunities

Reels have expanded business options in addition to providing new opportunities for creators. Businesses may produce quick, captivating videos that highlight their goods or services using Reels. Businesses now have a fresh approach to interacting with customers and advancing their brands.

Also, Reels has given companies a chance to connect with a new audience. Businesses may easily reach consumers who might not have previously seen their content because Reels is incorporated into the Instagram app. Due to this, companies have been able to broaden their platform audience and draw in new customers.


  • Competition with TikTok

Eventually, Reels transformed Instagram by putting TikTok in competition. In recent years, TikTok has become one of the most well-liked social media platforms, especially among younger audiences. Reels, an Instagram platform that is comparable to TikTok, has persuaded people to stay on Instagram rather than leave for TikTok.

Also, Instagram has made it simple for TikTok developers to switch to the service. TikTok creators may simply publish their content to Instagram without generating new content because of Reels’ integration with the Instagram app. It has aided in growing Reels’ audience and luring new makers to the platform.


What’s Happening On Instagram?

Since their launch, Instagram Reels appear to be attracting more and more attention. What do people still love, and how do “Instagramers” use and profit from Reels? Instagram describes reels as “A new way to make and discover short, amusing videos on Instagram,” but what exactly is the backstory and goal of Reels’ launch?

Reels on Instagram have been available for a year. And the results are in. Reels are a brand-new turning point for social media. After the success of its rivals, Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, declared in June 2021 that the company would shift its focus away from photo sharing and towards entertainment and video sharing.

It’s a major story! Instagram was created as a medium for sharing photos. What precisely does this transformation entail for the future, then? Instagram’s newest video feature, Reels, will now be the main focus. A strategy for organic social media should include this.


Future of Sharing Videos

Instagram Reels have shown to be a huge success in terms of user engagement, and this is just the beginning of what they may bring. Reels are being used by everyone, including customers, brands, and companies. With Instagram Reels, opportunities are available to everyone!

It’s safe to say that Reels and its in-app features will continue to develop as they gain popularity and become a crucial part of the Instagram user experience. We have already seen Instagram introduce new Reels features like “Instagram Reels Shopping,” which allows users to identify things and instantly make them completely shoppable.



Since its release, Reels has had a big impact on Instagram. Reels will undoubtedly continue to play a significant part in the future of Instagram as the site develops and adapts to shifting social media trends. Reels provide a unique and engaging way for creators and businesses to engage with their audience and discover new Instagram users.

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