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Is Adult Swim creating a live-action ‘Rick and Morty’? – Film Dhamaka

Remember when Adult Swim posted a live-action clip of Rick and Morty last Friday and fans went absolutely crazy? We truly thought that the short clip was all that the internet was going to get, and in all honesty, we were all already quite pleased with what we got. We mean, who could ask for anything better than even a quick clip of a real-life Rick and Morty? Right when we thought that was it over though, the show gave us even more. 

No, this is not an alarm. Adult Swim decided to call an early Christmas and gift Rick and Morty fans with some more amazing live-action content. A day ago, the Adult Swim Twitter account uploaded two more short clips of a live-action reenactment of the show that referenced tons of inside jokes and iconic scenes. Could this mean we could be getting a real live-action version of the show? Let’s take a look at all the details here. 

The latest videos on Twitter

We may have only gotten fourteen seconds of a live-action version of Rick and Morty last Friday, but Adult Swim decided to be even more generous to the show’s loyal fans. Last week, we saw Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd and It’s Jaeden Martell entering through a portal into reality C-132 in celebration of its 20th anniversary as well as the season finale of the animated show, and now, they’re back and better than ever. 

Adult Swim posted two more clips of the two actors playing Rick and Morty, and fans got to witness both Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell bring up some hilarious inside jokes and reenact some popular moments from the animated series as their respective characters of crazy Grandpa Rick and the oblivious and troublesome Morty. The first one called out Pickle Rick, which is one of the show’s most popular episodes. 

The Pickle Rick episode, which is in season three of the popular adult animation, shows the crazy mad scientist Rick turning into a live pickle. The phrase “I’m Pickle Rick” has gone on to become one of the most popular quotes from the comedic series. The new clip was captioned with “C-1.21 #rickandmorty”, and while it did make a reference to the Pickle Rick episode, we sadly did not get to see Christopher Lloyd turn into a pickle. 

One more clip

The second clip of actors Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell as Rick and Morty was shared by Adult Swim later last night and was captioned with “C-137 #rickandmorty”, which is a reference for the real fans to the home dimension that the original Rick belongs to in the multiverse. In the pilot episode on the show, Mort loses function of his body after he swallows a mega-tree seed, which leaves him sprawling on the ground. 

In the animated show, Rick then continues to go ballistic as Morty lies there watching his grandpa taunt him about their crazy adventures together that will continue to go on. In the short clip, the same scene is reenacted, with Christopher Lloyd going on and on saying “One hundred years, Morty! One hundred years! Rick and Morty dot com!” In the video, Jaeden Martell also groans on the ground as his body sprawls uncontrollably. 

So far, the fans have been loving these live-action videos of the two actors reenacting such iconic Rick and Morty moments, so does this mean Adult Swim will actually turn this into a full official project? We’re not sure if this was just a fun, one-time thing to celebrate the season finale of the TV show or if this is actually something serious, but we’re sure we’ll find out soon enough. For now, we’re loving the clips we got anyways. 

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