Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

An interesting story is doing rounds at the moment about Junior NTR. It’s a story that made mockery of the young hero’s absence at Telugu Desam party’s affairs. Everything is however sugar coated in the name of an April 1st joke, but audiences are fast enough to guess the truth told in a joke’s disguise.

There other day a media house published a special story on Jr NTR, where some unnamed Telugu Desam leaders confirmed that they don’t need Junior anymore to lead campaigns as they have Chinna Babu Lokesh to look after such things as already the Nara scion is proving mettle as unsung CEO of the party within NTR Bhavan premises. Provided with the fact that distance between NTR and Party increased due to his unavailability for election campaign, friction with Balayya, revoking his party membership only after pressure from fans- the party has decided to sack Jr NTR on April 1st, the story said. By denoting a date, it was obvious that a prank is being played.

But whatever said in the column is quite true and happening. Then, what is this write up trying to say in the name of an April 1st prank? Joke or truth?