Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

A lot has been said about the item songs and sleazy content in our films across the country. Bollywood in this regard goes a step further in portraying women quite boldly in such special songs that often cross the line of sensuality and sensitivity. Censor board has never been happy with the excessive skin show and raunchy acts performed by the item girls and heroines in the name of art.

Now, one of the legendary actors in the country and Padma Shri awardee Om Puri stated that item songs may provoke rapes because they are being shot quite vulgarly. Coming down heavily on the dances in item songs, Om Puri said that some expressions by the actors in the item songs are as if they are reaching their climax in sex.

Not stopping here, Om Puri further said that if one had to quench his sexual frustration, he or she may buy a bunch of DVDs featuring such obscene songs. Well, coming from the country’s one of finest performers ever, these words are indeed quite blunt and a slap on the filmmakers who just can’t do away with the item songs. Will Om Puri’s words be taken seriously by the greedy filmmakers who exploit audiences’ perverse thirst?