Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

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Being vivacious might take efforts, but for Jacqueline Fernandez it is an exception. It doesn’t matter for her even if she is under weather, she is a live wire. Concoted beverage like kaadha sipping boosts the actress, the chirpy lady speaks about her upcoming venture ‘Dishoom’, her first meet with her co-star John and why she is against the closer policy in professional life.

Do you ever feel that the male actors are often given more meatier roles than females? Even in Dishoom, John and Varun will be taking the center stage, it’s obvious as it is a buddy-cop movie.

Actresses portray an either role like being a glam quotient or a love interest in movies, but I am playing a strong and intense character in this film who is in accordance along with the guys, it is all possible because of his creative thinking, I am thankful to Rohit Dhawan, director.

How important is the role you portrayed in film? Does it interfere in the bromance?

I portray a girl who knows how to do things her way and it won’t be possible for them to do without her. I was excited for being one of the guys in ‘Dishoom’.

Did you ever encounter a physical fight with anyone?

In my whole life, I didn’t even raise my hand on any person. Many people often argue and there will be situations of necessity even for self-defence, but I am glad that I never came across any situation.

Talking about Sonam Kapoor, her BFF

I can’t withstand fake people. I can realise when someone is feigning. I always look out for one particular quality in friends – they have to be genuine. Sonam is real, she is unapologetic. She firmly sticks to what she believes which shows how strong she is.