Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Jennifer Anston

It’s been a trend of months, a tabloid every now and then claims the news with headlines like, ‘Jennifer Aniston is Pregnant!’.

The stories never seem to come to an end even when it’s proved wrong. In the last month, a media portal blared an exclusive, ‘Jennifer is finally PREGNANT!’ on the front cover pointing out the abdomen of the bikini-clad actress with a claim of ‘Miracle baby’ for the fourty seven year old actress. Her team released a recent statement denying the claims: “Whatever you are seeing is just a delicious enjoyment of big lunch and she feeling comfortable on her private property.”

Though it sounds absolutely ridiculous, welcome to the life of star “poor Jen”, the life of Jennifer Aniston, she has spliited with Brad Pitt in the late 2005 and married Justin Theroux. The actress snapped back at the tabloids after years on Tuesday. Aniston vented out on the tabloids for being obessed over the womb and body-shaming her. She said: “I am not pregnant for the record. I am fed up with this,”

“The last month in particular is sickening for me, how we really define a woman and her value on the basis of marital and her maternal status,” Aniston says. “The press spent so much of resources just trying to cover the news of my pregnancy which is not new too( It is the bajilionth time that the similar news is popping up..but who cares) pointing out to the notion that women are unhappy, incomplete, and unsuccessful without marriage and children.”

Even more disturbing is the trend of postpartum cosmetic surgery, which some celebrities have described as a form of “reconstruction,” as if pregnancy is an illness from which medical intervention is needed for recovery. In a 2005 interview with Allure, Gwenyth Paltrow admitted she was considering plastic surgery because of the toll breastfeeding had taken on her body. “I think women who have breastfed understand what I’m saying—that if you get a boob job it’s more reconstructive surgery, actually, than cosmetic surgery,” she rationalized.