Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Jo And The Boy‬, the movie directed by Rojin Thomas hit the theaters today. It should be noted that this young man has previously crafted ‘Phillips and the Monkey Pen’, a sleeper hit in Mollywood Box Office. ‘Jo and The Boy’ has Manju Warrier and Sanoop Santhosh in the lead roles, and it has succeeded in creating enough pre release hype.

An elegant story

The movie showcases the story of Jo (Manju Warrier) who works as a computer tutor. Even if Jo is aged, she is not matured enough, and in many times, she behave like a kid. All the time, she dreams about crafting a cartoon character which can interact. In her journey, she meets Chris (Sanoop Santhosh), a small boy who is matured in his behavior. The companionship with Chris changes her life upside down, and she started getting influenced by his character. Their journey forms the major crux of the movie.

Fine Script and direction

Director Rojin Thomas has once again proved that he is an asset to Mollywood. The script of the movie is impeccable and it has been narrated well by the director. Most of the scenes and visuals looked fresh, and it was a real treat to watch the movie on screens. One of the major draw back of the flick is its comic scenes. Some of the humorous scenes looked very artificial, and it did not sync with the overall proceedings.

Neil D’ Cunha;s cinematography is something awesome, and it will make you enter a new world of adventure and fantasy. Rahul Subramaniam’s music and BGM is spectacular, and it enhances the overall ambiance of the flick.

Stellar performance from lead actors

Manju Warrier as always excelled in her role. It is quite hard to imagine any other actress in her role. In some scenes, she reminded us of the cult Amy in ‘Summer in Bethlehem’. Sanoop Santhosh was awesome, and it was a real feel to watch him on screen. The young boy has miles to go, and in all probabilities, he will make it big in the coming years. The supporting star cast which includes Lalu Alex, Sudheer Karamana, Rekha Menon and Kala Ranjini too did their roles perfectly.

Final Verdict

‘Jo and the Boy’ is a beautiful movie crafted with elegance, and you can watch this movie with you family without any hesitation.