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Joe Scarborough Net Worth and Salary: Joe Scarborough is an American cable news and talk radio host, lawyer, author, and former politician who has a net worth of $25 million. Joe Scarborough is best known for co-hosting the MSNBC news and talk show “Morning Joe” with his wife, Mika Brzezinski. He previously hosted “Scarborough Country” on the same network. During his earlier career as a politician, Scarborough served for six years in the United States House of Representatives as a Republican for Florida’s first district.

Early life and education: Joe Scarborough was born as Charles Joseph Scarborough in 1963 in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents were Mary and George, and he has two siblings. In 1969, the family moved to Meridian, Mississippi. They moved twice more in the ’70s, first to Elmira, New York and then to Pensacola, Florida. In the latter city, Scarborough went to Pensacola Catholic High School. After graduating, he enrolled at the University of Alabama, from where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history in 1985. Thereafter, he went to the University of Florida College of Law, obtaining his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in 1990. Higher education, Scarborough wrote and produced music with his band Dixon Mills, and also coached football.

Legal career: Admitted to the Florida Bar in 1991, Scarborough practiced law in Pensacola. He had his most high-profile case representing Michael F. Griffin, who murdered Dr. David Gunn in 1993. Although he eventually recused himself from the case, Scarborough continued to assist Griffin in choosing counseling services, and worked to protect his family. media on a selfless basis. Later in 1993, Scarborough gained attention for assisting in a petition campaign that opposed an increase in property tax in Pensacola.

Congress Career: In the 1994 general election, Scarborough represented Florida’s first congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives, defeating Democratic nominee Vince Whibbs Jr. He was re-elected in 1996 with 72% of the vote, and was re-elected in 1998 and 2000, when his only opposition involved right-in candidates.

During his congressional career, Scarborough served on the Judiciary, Education, Government Reform, and Armed Services committees. He signed a controversial contract with America’s legislative agenda, and was named chairman of the Civil Services Committee in 1998. Scarborough was among a group of about 40 new Republican legislators who called themselves New Federalists, in reference to “The Federalist Papers”. The collective advocated major cuts in the US government, including plans to significantly reduce or privatize the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce and Housing and Urban Development. Additionally, Scarborough put forward several other regressive policies. Among them, he supported anti-abortion positions, sponsored a bill to force America to withdraw from the United Nations, and voted to end federal funding to the Public Broadcasting Corporation. Overall, Scarborough had a conservative voting record on social, economic and foreign policy issues, with a slightly more liberal record on environmental and human rights causes. Five months into his fourth term in 2001, Scarborough announced his resignation from Congress with the intention of spending more time with his children.


Media Career: While in Congress in 1999, Scarborough founded the free weekly Pensacola newspaper, The Florida Sun, which became Independent News a few years later. Subsequently, in 2003, he began his television career by launching the opinion and analysis show “Scarborough Country” on MSNBC. Four years later in 2017, Scarborough began hosting “Morning Joe”, a morning news and talk show featuring Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist. The show uses a panel format, and includes in-depth discussion focused on current political events and discourse. Additionally, Scarborough has been a regular guest on news programs on NBC and MSNBC, and has appeared on “Meet the Press” several times. Due to his frequent appearances, he was a guest host on the latter show in 2012.

Beyond television, Scarborough co-hosted a two-hour late morning radio show with Mika Brzezinski on New York City’s WABC, which ran from 2008 to 2010. He has also written several books, starting with 2005’s “Rome Wasn’t Burned in a”. Day: The real deal on how politicians, bureaucrats and other Washington barbarians are bankrupting America.” Later titles include “The Last Best Hope,” “The Right Path: From Ike to Reagan, How Republicans Once Mastered Politics.” And Can Again,” and “Saving Freedom: Truman, the Cold War, and the Fight for Western Civilization.” In 2017, Scarborough returned to music with the release of his debut EP, the new wave-inspired “Mystified”. Of. A music video for the title track was also released at the same time.

personal life: Scarborough married his first wife, Melanie Hilton, in 1986; They had two sons, and they divorced in 1999. Later, in 2001, Scarborough married Susan Warren, a former Congressional Committee employee and aide to Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The couple had a daughter and a son, and they divorced in 2013. Scarborough moved to the wealthy New York City suburb of New Canaan, Connecticut in 2016. The next year, during a trip to France, he got engaged to Mika Brzezinski, whom he later married in Washington, DC in 2018.

Due to the embrace of Donald Trump by his party, whose public goals included him and his wife, Scarborough announced in 2017 that he was leaving the Republic Party to become an independent. Following the attempted rebellion at the US Capitol in January 2021, Scarborough condemned Capitol Hill police for enabling the attack.

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