Mon. May 20th, 2024

The very moment Junior Ntr approved a script proposal from director Sukumar, there was an increase in heart beat for Nandamuri Fans. Well, the reason is pretty much familiar. Sukku always disappointed viewers every time when he got a chance to direct star hero. For example, ‘1 Nenokkadine’ was gem of an opportunity for Sukumar to rise in commercial scale. Unfortunately, he misused the chance by narrating a confusing film with complex screenplay.

Very immediately, an unworried NTR showed the green signal to producer BVSN Prasad and Sukumar to go ahead with pre production works. Now that Sukku has selected foreign backdrop for this action filled revenge drama film, majority of the shooting is going to be commenced in UK and other European locations. Hope that, fears of NTR Fans don’t become a reality.

NTR is a hero of masses. His Fans and common audience love to see him in roles like that of ‘Temper, Simhadri’ etc. With a class look and costly backdrop, this is a definite risk from Sukku and BVSN Prasad.